Have I improved in this area?  Do I sometimes wait and ponder whether or not to “click to buy,” or am I just as compulsive as ever?

Well, let’s take a peek.

In August, I bought 17 books, and I purchased 15 in September.  Here’s October…so far:



1.Best Day Ever (e-book), by Kaira Rouda

2.Cold as Ice (e-book, Country Club Murders), by Julie Mulhern

3.Last Mrs. Parrish, The (e-book), by Liv Constantine

4.Odd Child Out (e-book), by Gilly Macmillan

5.Seven Days of Us (e-book), by Francesca Hornak

6.Sing, Unburied, Sing (e-book), by Jesmyn Ward

7.Without Merit (e-book), by Colleen Hoover

8.Unraveling Oliver (e-book), by Liz Nugent


Yes, I could buy more…and I probably will.  But I have been pausing and thinking before “clicking.”  That’s good, isn’t it?

What does your buying record show you?  Or do you avoid buying altogether?



  1. I’m too scared to look at how many books I’ve bought recently. I do however tend to impulse buy books that are on sale. I have a wishlist on Amazon I check daily to see if prices have dropped and at the start of each month I check the monthly deals. I also get three daily emails with that days bargains. It’s very possible I have a problem.

    I will however second the Overdrive rec. It’s only working on my phone but has saved me a fortune and is brilliant for audio books.

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  2. I used to do compulsive yarn buying. Now I just pick up sock yarn because I’ll get socks or a shawl out of it. For books I always check my library’s database for Kindle versions and then default to hard copies. There are two books it doesn’t carry and I want to go to our local, used bookstore to see if they’re there.

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    1. Thanks, Cleo, and some days are better than others for me! It depends on what books are being shown on blogs; those lovely books always tempt me! But sometimes I can actually put a bookmark on Amazon and move on…for a while, anyway! LOL


  3. I am holding back as much as I can. (Buying books at a Book Fair doesn’t count in my view) so I’ve only bought one this month. With you – you read most of them and I think that really counts. Like Stefanie I do check the library for some books I want to read but… sometimes it is so easy to download onto the Kindle. Don’t angst too much – you keep the book industry thriving!!

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  4. I try not to buy many physical books since I’ll soon be moving to a house that’s 1/3 the size of where I live now. I did pre-order Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks last week and bought 2 books at a store near me. I mainly listen to audio books.

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  5. I don’t want to examine my buying history too closely! I’m not sure I’d like what it had to say! I am trying to use the library more though in an effort to keep down some of the buying. Though I find myself binge checking out books which while isn’t expensive has some other issues!

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    1. The library is a place I need to use more. Before blogging, I got most of my books from the library…except that I also browsed in bookstores to buy books. I didn’t “click to buy” from Amazon, though.

      Who can say what is better? Whatever works, that’s what I think. Enjoy your books. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine.


  6. arsenios

    Before blogging, I got most of my books from the program library…except that I also browsed in bookstores to bribe books. It depends on what books are being shown on blogs; those endearing books always tempt me!

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