It is time to check out my numbers for the year so far.

For the Read the Books You Buy Challenge, I have read and reviewed 19 books so far.  Ten of those books were purchased in January 2017, and nine were purchased in the second half of 2016, which still qualifies them for this challenge.

Books Purchased in January:  20 – so half of them have been read

Books Purchased in February so far:  9 – and I’ve read none of them.


Books Purchased Between July – December 2016:  71

Books Read:  53

Books Unread for the second half of 2016:  18


Obviously, several of those books from 2016 were read in that same year, and counted for last year’s challenge.


So….my work is cut out for me.  But what fun the work has been!  I’ve been enjoying these books. 

As for those purchased before July 2016, some of which go way back to 2014…those are in the TBR Jar…and they will be dealt with…or not.

2014:  Unread Books-  20

2015:  Unread Books –  13

2016:  Unread Books from January – June – 21





The task seems huge, even insurmountable, but let’s total up all the unread books I’ve purchased since 2014:  81!

The year is new, and I think I can probably put a dent in these numbers.  What do you think?


Of course, the review books will take up some time, but so far, I only have 6 NetGalley books to read and review (I’ll probably get more, though).

And as for author review books, I have two waiting…and one Amazon Vine book.

I should probably be mindful of these numbers when making requests.


What does your reading year look like so far?  Do my numbers seem manageable?  How about yours?






    • Thanks for stopping by, Stormi, and I keep thinking of the time I had 166 unread print books in boxes…and started this blog to help me deal with them.

      Now I just pile them up on my Kindle…LOL.

      But…I think the task is not as bad as it was….so I’m okay with it.


  1. My TBR piles are much more modest compared to those of you who are book bloggers. Knitting comes first here. For me, I just read what I’m in the mood to read. Like yarn, books will always be there. I try to read titles that capture my interest first from the TBR. No worries, no stress.

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  2. I actually did a post today about my TBR numbers. It wasn’t good! Luckily my ability to live in denial is pretty strong! I love how you’ve broken in up into years. Good luck! You can definitely put a dent in the numbers!

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    • Yes, I don’t count the numbers of books listed as TBR on Goodreads…I can only deal with the books I actually own…and these numbers above reflect that reality.

      Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and have fun reading.


    • Thanks, Kathryn, and I suspect that some of those really old ones may end up being DNFs, as they obviously haven’t grabbed me. But I could be wrong, so I’m going to try.

      Glad you could stop by…encouragement is always good.


  3. Honestly, I haven’t counted in a while, and I’ve gotten out of the weekly mail haul post habit. There were several years when I was blowing and going with review books showing up in the mail several times a week, and NetGalleys galore. Now, I’ve slowed down my reviewing and I have a huge backlog, but I’ve decided I’m not worrying about it. Reading is a hobby not a job and I don’t want to make it into a job.

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