When Laura (Lo) Blacklock’s basement apartment is broken into, while she is there, she is frightened for her life. But when the intruder finally leaves, and all she has lost is her handbag and its contents, including her phone, she should be grateful. But she is terrified, claustrophobic, and shaky.

So why would she agree to go on a cruise for her magazine, Velocity? A cruise might be the last place someone like her would go. But she does.

Her boyfriend Judah is headed to Moscow for his work, but he is not sure she should go either. Set in London, the story takes us next to the ship.

The Aurora Borealis is on its maiden voyage, headed to the Northern Lights…and it is a beautiful, yet very small ship. Activities are planned for every moment of each day…but Lo is still having trouble sleeping. So it is not surprising that she awakens quickly when she hears a sound…like a big splash, followed by a scream.

But none of the crew are giving her any credibility when she tells her tale, not even when she says that earlier she had met a woman in Cabin 10, and had borrowed some mascara. She even shows them the wand. Nilsson, the captain’s assistant, who insists that there is no guest in Cabin 10 and there never has been, seems especially condescending, suggesting she might have been drunk…and then mentioning the medications she is on. How does he know?

The Woman in Cabin 10 was a riveting tale that kept me hanging on by a thread as it catapulted from one strange event to another. Narrated in Lo’s first person voice, we see the other passengers from her perspective. They all seemed untrustworthy, including the owners, Lord and Lady Bullmer. Anne Bulmer looked like she was on death’s door, and apparently was a cancer patient. Richard Bullmer was especially gregarious, but that would not be unusual. Yet at this point, everyone seems suspicious.

Others include people Lo has met before, like Ben Howard and Tina West. Ben was a former lover, years ago, so she doesn’t think she can really trust him. Tina has a reputation for pushing her way to the top.

Throughout the tale, we suspect everyone on the ship, and then, as stranger events unfold, we are not sure that Lo is going to survive.

An alternate narration includes e-mails and news accounts suggesting something going on behind the scenes back in London, something that does not bode well for Lo.

The denouement, followed by an unexpected tidbit at the end, was stunning…and left me feeling that I could finally let out the breath I had been holding. 5 stars.

cropped again 5***


  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this! I loved In a Dark Dark Wood and I’ve been on hold for the audio for this one for months. I can’t wait to listen! It sounds really great and I like the alternate narration you mention – that makes me super curious!

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    1. I loved this one as much as In a Dark, Dark Wood…although they were very different. But they both have that twisty plot that keeps you guessing. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and I hope you get your copy soon.


  2. I liked this one a lot, though it has cemented my decision to never go on a cruise ship. I get seasick anyway. The only weird thing to me was the fact that she borrowed mascara. Seriously? Way to get ‘pink eye’. LOL

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  3. I never wrote a review for this one, it was weird. I usually enjoy unreliable character driven stories but this one took to long for the punch line in my opinion. Something about the ending was just weird but many have loved it. Overall I enjoyed it. I preferred Distress Signals, another cruise boat suspense thriller.

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  4. Wow, this is the first review that makes me want to get the book! Thanks 🙂

    On another note, did WP change things now re writing posts that the old way (my way) is no longer available? I can’t get in the back door like I have the past year or so. Grrr.

    Also, I got an email that said you replied to my FB message on your FB page. I haven’t used my FB acct in a few years. Have you been getting messages from me? The acct was Bookfan Mb. Thanks for any answers 🙂

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    1. I hope you love the book, too, Mary…and yes! WP changed things again! I kept trying and trying…and then I accidentally stumbled upon something: after the URL to the blog, enter /wp-admin/, and you can get to the dashboard once more.

      I hope they don’t foil us again! I hate how they want to shove their “new and improved posting” down our throats!

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    1. Ha- funny how things disappear to a daughter’s house….I haven’t seen several of my favorite cookbooks in years….

      I’m glad you are finally getting to listen, at least. Thanks for stopping by, Nise. Enjoy!


  7. I listened to the audio of this one, and didn’t love it. I’ve found when listening to suspense or mystery stories, the author is able to slip fewer details by, unnoticed, so sometimes all the surprise elements or twists aren’t as surprising as they’re supposed to be!

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