Well, the weekend and Bloggiesta are over!  I accomplished quite a few things, but then I started early.  I added to my original list…and finished all but the Twitter chat, which I always seem to forget because of the time difference.

I think I’ll stop adding it to my list, since I really don’t get Twitter chatting…lol.

Here are my tasks, crossed out, FINITO!

Enjoy your week….






  1. PS: is there a class? I don’t even know how to fix a broken link!!! You all amaze me. I just seem to plod along!! And now, I can’t even add my website url to most WordPress blogs comments because they don’t post.

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    • Oh, thanks for visiting, Judy, and I’ve picked up a few things from asking questions, like you’re doing now.

      As for commenting, I’ve advised others who use Blogger to start a WP blog just for the purpose of being able to comment on WP sites…you don’t have to write any posts in it.

      As for broken links, they are “broken” when they don’t take you anywhere. Like someone has changed their blog site or deleted their blog. (Mostly these came from my activity of deleting mine, so I change the links to something that works: a review on Goodreads, perhaps).

      You probably don’t have any of these issues, since you have the one blog where you review your books.



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