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Good morning! Today’s post will link up to The Sunday Salon, The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves, for weekly updates.

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And let’s join Kathryn, our leader in It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?, at Book Date.

Today’s temperature is in the 80s, but by Monday, we’ll be in the triple digits again.  Yikes!

It’s not as if we’re not used to it…it’s like this every year, and our long hot summers are a legend.

Reading has been better this week, with three books read and reviewed, and all of them were review books from NetGalley and Vine.  I spent too much time on my second book this week, so it’s a good thing that the other two were compelling page turners.

Bloggiesta has begun for today and tomorrow, but I’ve been working on my blog since Monday.  Yes, I tend to get impatient and start early.

I’m loving my Netflix shows, and I’m on Season III of Revenge.  I also plan to start watching Season IV of Orange Is the New Black.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there….and for everyone else, have a wonderful week!  Here’s some coffee to get us going today.


Madeleine on June 15 - coffee



It’s Time!  Mini-Bloggiesta-June 18-19

Tuesday Sparks:  Excerpting “Death at Breakfast”

Tuesday Potpourri:  Caffeinated Tidbits

Hump Day Reading:  Current, Past, & Future

Bookish Thursday #18:  Serendipitous Moments

Bloggiesta:  Behind the Scenes

Bookish Friday:  Excerpting “The Exit”

Weekend Potpourri:  Pondering My Obsessions

Review:  The Girls (e-book), by Emma Cline – (NetGalley – 6/14)

Review:  Tuesday Nights in 1980, by Molly Prentiss – (Amazon Vine)

Review:  All the Missing Girls (e-book), by Megan Miranda – (NetGalley – 6/28)


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Two review books came in my mailbox from Amazon Vine…and I purchased a book at Barnes & Noble.

The Perfect Girl, by Gilly MacMillan (Amazon Vine)




The Beauty of the End, by Debbie Howells (Amazon Vine)




Confess, by Colleen Hoover (Purchase)





WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Currently Reading:  Beach Blues, by Joanne DeMaio (Review Book from Author)






And maybe one or two of these:

Friction (e-book), by Sandra Brown





Flight Patterns (e-book), by Karen White



cover resized


That’s it for my week…what did yours look like?  Grab something caffeinated or icy cold…and let’s chat.  Here are some nachos and a margarita, to honor Bloggiesta! 


6-11 - Nachos, margarita



  1. It’s been hot here today (muggy and humid) but we’re having a nice weekend sunwise. I may have to look into Revenge, doesn’t that have Emily VanCamp in it? I don’t know about it but will have to look at. And Beach Blues looks very summery- reminds me of some old fishing shanties in the northern part of the state that were converted into shops. They sort of have the same look.

    I love nachos… 🙂

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  2. Yes, Revenge does have Emily VanCamp—I enjoyed her in Brothers and Sisters—and I wasn’t sure how long I’d watch, but I’m almost finished with Season III and still hooked.

    I enjoy DeMaio’s books, and Beach Blues is a lovely departure from thrillers. I like that cottage, too, and you’re right…it could be a fishing shanty. Thanks for visiting, Greg, and enjoy your week.

    I love nachos, too! And margaritas…lol.


  3. fuonlyknew

    I enjoyed Friction and Confess and looking at a couple of others there I think I’ll try. It’s been in the high 80s here this weekend but will also be hot, hot, hot by Monday. Beach Blues sounds and looks perfect for my summer reading list.

    My Sunday Post

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  4. I’ve got All The Missing Girls as well so must check when I’m due to read it. I recognise a few others on your list as well!

    We get hot summers here in Australia as well and each year we act as if it’s a surprise, so I know what you mean…. why do we expect anything else?!

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  5. Triple digit temperatures scare me! I get so cranky in hot weather like that. I have to stay indoors in an air conditioned room, which I realize probably makes me sound like a diva haha.
    The Perfect Girl is new to me but it sounds interesting. I liked Confess by CoHo, but I didn’t love it as much as I loved Ugly Love.
    I hope you enjoy all your fab new books and have a wonderful week ahead!

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    1. Thanks, Nick, and like you, my eldest son truly seems to suffer in hot weather, and while he grew up in these kinds of temperatures, he’s been in Europe for a couple of decades and hadn’t often visited here in the summers. Until last year. Oh, the groaning…lol.

      I enjoyed Ugly Love and November 9 by CoHo, but haven’t yet read anything else, so I’m excited about this new (well, new to me) one. Enjoy your week.


    1. I am looking forward to Confess…discovered it on the bargain table at Barnes & Noble, which is usually what I buy there. Everything else is from the Amazon gods…lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, and we do seem to suffer in the summers…but imagine if we didn’t have air conditioning! One summer, we had several power outages, and had to go to air conditioned shops or movie theaters to cool off.

      Enjoy your week!


  6. I want to read Flight Plans. Beach Blues looks like a good book for this time of year too.

    I’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t been as hot where I live but I am enjoying the weather in the 80s. I certainly miss it during the long winter months!

    Hope you have a great week!

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    1. I love the 80s….just right, not too hot, not too cold…and it’s been a gift having a few days like that this week. In preparation for the zooming triple digits again!

      Thanks for visiting, Christina, and I know I’m going to love Flight Plans. Enjoy your week!


  7. I really want to pick up Confess by Colleen Hoover. She’s an auto-buy author for me.

    We had a cold beginning of the week but by the end it was way too warm.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

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  8. Glad you’ve been having some good weather – ours has been cloudy and cool with occasional torrential bursts of rain *sigh*. That’s a really good haul of books you’ve got there – I love the look of The Beauty of the End, what a fabulous cover, so I’ll be interested to see what you make of it. Have a great week and hope the baking temperatures are too unbearable… This is my Sunday Post – https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/06/19/sunday-post-19th-june/

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    1. Thanks, Sarah, and I plan to curl up in air conditioned rooms, only going out in the early morning when it’s a bit cooler. Enjoy your week, and I think The Beauty of the End looks good, too. I liked the author’s The Bones of You.

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      1. Glad you’ve got a strategy for dealing with your weather – mine is to continue wearing the winter weight coat and take an umbrella everywhere I go. I look forward to hearing your opinion of The Beauty of the End. Have a great week:)

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  9. Those are some heavy-duty, yummy-looking nachos 🙂 I love nachos!

    I’m excited about this post because you discussed books that have been on my radar for the most point. I read and enjoyed All the Missing Girls and Friction was a very good, if somewhat predictable, Sandra Brown. I still enjoy her books despite that!

    I would like to read Flight Patterns, The Girls, Beach Blues.. heck, all of these. Scribbling down all the books now to look for.

    Stay cool–we’re going to be triple digits Monday and Tuesday 😦

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    1. Thanks, Rita, and the nachos were good, but I had to bring most of them home in a box! Can we say HUGE? Sadly, not as good warmed up, but good enough.

      I loved The Girls, too…although it was different than I had expected.

      Yes, preparing for more triple digits. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Thanks, JoAnn…I just got back from my “Father’s Day” brunch…my daughter honors me for both Mother’s and Father’s Day, because I was both to her growing up. I am stuffed!

      I like the idea of lasagna…although it’s pretty hot here. Enjoy your day!


  10. Molly's Book Nook

    It’s been incredibly hot here this weekend! Thank god I have an AC in my bedroom haha I really liked Revenge for a while but then go bored after a certain thing happened xD I don’t know where you are so I don’t want to spoil it. Also, I’m currently watching the newest season of OITNB. I hope you enjoy it when you watch!

    Here is my Sunday Post
    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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  11. Flight Pattern and Beach Blues both look really good – and perfect reads for summer. It’s hot here too and we’ve had a few days of triple digits but nothing like you’re talking about. Hopefully you can spend a lot of time in air conditioning. I haven’t watched Orange is the New Black and Revenge has been tempting me since it started on TV but I haven’t watched any of it yet. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks, Katherine, and I never watched Revenge on the networks, but I’m loving it on Netflix. I like bingeing and not having to wait for new episodes. OITNB is on my schedule for today, too.


  12. Your new books look really good, Laurel-Rain! I’ve read Confessed and quite enjoyed it 🙂 I haven’t heard about your other new additions before, but they do look good.
    We still don’t have anything that feels like summer here. It’s cool and often raining. Hopefully, summer will come soon – we’re all pretty fed-up with having to wear raincoats all the time.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

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    1. Sometimes I like the idea of rain instead of summer, but that’s probably because it’s not raining here. Whatever we’re having is the very thing that annoys us. lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Lexxie, and have a great week.


  13. Lots of great looking books – I just ordered Flight Patterns, I weakened as it is only out in hardback not paperback. I could have gotten it for my Kindle but sometimes I like the actual book in hand. I usually try to alternate. Looking forward to your reading and reviewing some of the others you have listed.

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    1. I do enjoy real books, too; for those, I usually go to the bargain table at Barnes & Noble…but sometimes, for a book I’ll treasure, I’ll order from Amazon. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and enjoy your week.


    1. Yes, I am addicted to Revenge, and I’m now on Season 4…wow, lots of surprises! Enjoy your week, Yvonne, and I’m excited about Beach Blues, too. Haven’t done much reading this weekend because of Netflix. lol


  14. Looks like you’ve got an awesome week ahead of you–here’s hoping it’s just as great as it seems it will be!

    Thank you so so much for stopping by my blog this week, I really appreciate it! Happy book-ing to you; enjoy your recent acquisitions!

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  15. Literary Feline

    We spent yesterday in San Diego to get away from the heat. I wish we could have stayed through tomorrow. It’s already 111F here today. 😦 We went to see a movie at a nearby mall and spent a few hours there. They have a play area for kids, and so Mouse got to play there for awhile after the movie. A nice way to be active and yet stay cool. Is season IV of Orange is the New Black out? I will have to watch that too. Love that show!

    The Perfect Girl sounds like it will be good. I’m also really interested in Flight Patterns. Fun, fun!

    I hope you have a great week, Laurel-Rain!

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    1. Your weekend in San Diego sounds lovely! I enjoy getting away from the heat, but haven’t been there in many years. Hope to head up north to those beaches before the summer is over.

      OITNB just came out with Season 4….haven’t watched yet, as I was still addicted to Revenge and I’m almost finished.

      I am very excited about both The Perfect Girl and Flight Patterns. Have a great week, Wendy.


    1. Oh, Grace, I love OITNB, but haven’t started Season 4 yet…almost finished with Revenge and thought I’d do that first.

      It is pretty hot, but, except for the high electric bills for the air conditioning, it’s not too bad as long as you don’t go out until it cools off a little….


  16. katarguelles

    Confess was my first Colleen Hoover book. It was good but I didn’t love it. I’m curious to hear your thoughts. It is going to be in the 100’s this week in Sacramento so I hope it isn’t too bad for both of us. But like you said we are used to this weather. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and I hope to enjoy Confess…and manage with the triple digits again. I always think it’s cooler in Sacramento, even when it’s in the 100s…because there are so many big and lovely trees. That’s what I recall, anyway…lol.

      Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Melissa, and as long as it doesn’t move up beyond 105, it isn’t too bad…lol. I still talk about our legendary heat in 2006….fourteen days of 114-115. I escaped to the coast. That’s our best bet, if we can manage it.

      Enjoy your week…and I always think of Canada as cool…guess I’ve never been there when it’s that hot.


  17. Kathy Martin

    Our weather here in Northern Minnesota seldom hits three digits but has been great anyway. Blue skies and gentle breezed have been common this week. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  18. It sounds like you have a scorcher of a week ahead weather wise!

    The new season of OITNB is definitely deviating my attention from my books right now… I’m finding a balance though, making time for reading once a day as well as an episode once a day. Compromise, right?!

    I really, really, really need to check out Colleen Hoover’s work!

    I hope you enjoy all your upcoming reads 🙂

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    1. Me, too, Nise…and so far, I’m hanging in there. I did have to go out for just a short time today, but the shop was air conditioned and so was the car. The nachos were good….and I am excited about Beach Blues and Flight Patterns. Enjoy your week.


    1. I have been wanting The Perfect Girl ever since I heard about it. Very exciting to finally get it. I am also eager to read Flight Patterns and the Sandra Brown book. Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth, and enjoy your week.


  19. Susan @ The Book Bag

    I love so many of the books you have on your list this week. I loved Flight Patterns and I think I have talked my book club into reading it soon. And of course, I always get lost in Joanne’s stories! Happy reading!

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