Bloggiesta does not officially start until Saturday, but typically, I couldn’t wait.  Definitely eager.

I started with the noticeable changes, like the new theme, header (above), and background.  Then I added a page, changed the sidebar…and from there, I started on the more tedious tasks that are not so noticeable.  Like correcting broken links.  I had a few because I had deleted some blogs…

I went back to the beginning of 2013 and moved forward.  All is much better now!  Hopefully I won’t find any others…

Meanwhile, I took a break from my blog tasks to rearrange some tablescapes and vignettes around the rooms.  I took some items from my Hall Tree and arranged them (below), with a few others from various spots….


June 15 - more tablescapes


Here’s the Hall Tree….


June 15 changes - 2


And the new little table is enjoying a couple of geese from other places….the new bench arrives today!


June 15 changes - 3


Madeleine Hatter is having a cup of coffee….


Madeleine on June 15 - coffee


So…now I am off to try (once again) to engage with Tuesday Nights in 1980.  I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble!




What is your Hump Day like?  Enjoy….



Books & fairytales - may 16-blog button***


    • Yes, we have to find ways to make hump day fun, don’t we? But laundry…well, that is a necessary task, even though it can be tedious. At least we don’t have to use wash boards or even wringer washers, like my mother did. LOL.

      Enjoy your week, Katherine, and thanks for visiting.


    • Very true, Kathryn, and since the dusting seems to happen naturally while rearranging, it doesn’t even feel like work. LOL.

      Those broken links (or checking for them) took a lot of time, especially since WP editing is tedious in and of itself. The new way of editing sucks, and the old way takes going in the “back door,” so to speak.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  1. How do you get ANYTHING done with all the toys around your house?!?!? I’d be playing with my decorating all the time 🙂 I’m distracted enough as it is with my little figures on my desk. You’re so focused.

    Broken links!! *palm forehead* I should probably check for those but I think I have a plug-in for that…. I might want to check 🙂 I did move hosts a while back.

    Good luck this weekend!!!!

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    • Ha-ha…Yes, I am in my second (or third) childhood here, and it’s because I didn’t have much in the way of toys as a child. We must create our own “happily ever after,” right? So I surround myself with fairytale images, dolls, etc. My collections are much larger, but many of them are stashed away in bins in the garage. It’s too hard to dust everything! lol.

      As for the broken links, I noticed some bloggers mentioning that task, and recalled that I had some issues after I deleted some of my blogs. Links to those sites were, therefore, broken. It took forever to accomplish, but I think I got MOST of them.

      Thanks for stopping by this post, Kristin, I had fun with it. Enjoy your weekend!


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