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Good morning! Today’s post will link up to The Sunday Salon, The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves, for weekly updates.

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And let’s join Kathryn, our leader in It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?, at Book Date.


My plans for the week were flexible, but I had expected to do better than the TWO books I read and reviewed.  Alas, my Netflix addiction grabbed me again.  I found another engaging series, called The Killing, and I’m almost finished with the second of four seasons.  Set in Seattle, the show captured my interest with its mix of a murder mystery and a corrupt political campaign.  Throw in a nearby casino with nefarious goings-on, and you can picture all the possibilities.

Meanwhile, however, I have read and reviewed 33 books for my Read the Books You Buy Challenge.

On Wednesday, I took Pippa with me to The Elephant Bar, where I enjoyed a tasty lunch, complete with my favorite Pomegranate martini.



may 15 lunch & martini



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INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Nothing came in the mailbox!  But I downloaded two e-books:


The Two-Family House (e-book), by Lynda Cohen Loigman






A Lowcountry Wedding (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe







WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Currently Reading:  Born with Teeth:  A Memoir, by Kate Mulgrew







On My Stack – I hope to read two or more of these:


Breakdown (e-book), by Jonathan Kellerman







The Summer’s End (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe







I Almost Forgot About You, by Terry McMillan (Amazon Vine)







That’s it for my week…what did yours look like?  Let’s grab some coffee and chat.



Books & fairytales - may 16



  1. Couple of good choices for downloads there! Well isn’t it great that reading isn’t our only addiction and that we have others as well. I know when I start on something like that it is something I just want to binge on too.

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    1. Yes, even though my passions all seem to be fairly addictive, I am trying to balance things out…lol. Per my One Word. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and I am looking forward to the new books.


  2. I’ve only dipped a toe into the netflix pool of binge watching – I’m kind of afraid I might not resurface, lol. I love the covers of Mary Alice Monroe’s books but still haven’t had a chance to read one. I need to change that. Have a relaxing weekend!

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    1. Thanks, Mary, I love the characters in the Summer Sisters series…the rivalries, the connection; it feels good to follow along with them. A nice change from thrillers.

      As for Netflix, I always seem to have a show or two going…and it is hard to surface! Glad you could stop by, and enjoy your weekend, too.


  3. Looks like you had a great week! I’ve been having a bit of a reading problem due to my own netflix addiction lately–you are not alone on that!

    Here’s hoping you enjoy the reads you pick up next! Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for popping by my StS this week!

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      1. Yes, I enjoy old favorites, too…last summer, when my son and DIL were visiting, my DIL and I watched Private Practice every night. And I loved watching Mad Men, which was new to me.


  4. My reading was spotty this week too, although I did finish a book (Clouds in my Coffee!) so I was happy w/ that. And with Bloodline coming next Friday I fear I shall fall down the Netflix hole again- but that’s okay because Bloodline! lol

    I’m liking the look of that Elephant Bar lol. Hope you like Clouds in my Coffee when you get to it (if you haven’t already). And enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Oh, I am eager to start reading Clouds in My Coffee…after I finish some others on my list.

      The Elephant Bar is such a comfort zone for me, and it’s right around the corner from where I live. So many lovely restaurants, bars, and shops near my neighborhood….lol.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for stopping by, Greg.


  5. That baked potato in the picture looks delicious! I might have to run to the grocery store today to get fixins for a loaded baked potato now. 😛

    Netflix is a little dangerous for me. I tend to binge hardcore once I find a show so I’m trying to stay away from it for a little while to get some reading in.

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  6. As usual all your books look fantastic! I’m just adding them all to my TBR! My reading hasn’t been great lately either and Netflix definitely doesn’t help! I’ve been curious about The Killing. The female lead is on a new show called The Catch which I’ve been enjoying and I’ve been wanting to give The Killing a try because I’ve heard she’s completely different in it. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks, Katherine, and yes, the lead in The Killing is like a different person than the one she plays in The Catch. In The Catch, she is glamorous, but in The Killing, she is kind of obsessive and rough-looking…like a really dedicated cop. Plus, she has lots of issues, which always interests me in a show.

      The murdered girl in The Killing is the same actor who played Rebecca (who was also killed) in How to Get Away with Murder. At first I wasn’t sure, because she plays a younger character in The Killing…but I checked (on Google), and she is the same girl. That actor (Katie Findlay) also played a character on The Carrie Diaries.

      Little trivia tidbits…lol. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I have been distracted when it comes to reading too lately. I think it’s because my summer break from school just started and I want to read everything and I’m overwhelmed so I just read nothing. Hopefully I will get into the swing of things soon. Though sometimes reading breaks are nice!
    Thanks for stopping by The Local Muse

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    1. Yes, I agree, Mallory, sometimes we just need a break from reading. Or I sometimes just want to pick up two or three different books, and not finish any of them. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the summer.


  8. I can completely understand getting sidetracked with TV Laurel! I enjoyed the first season of The Killing and didn’t mind the second, but didn’t enjoy the third and skipped the fourth. It offered up something a bit different though – like Broadchurch (the English mini series)…

    I had a good reading week but it means I’ll need to cut back this week to catch up on my reviewing!

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    1. Yes, I liked Broadchurch, too….and so far, the third season of The Killing isn’t grabbing me as much as the first two. The Rosie Larson case kept me hooked.

      Thanks for stopping by, Deborah, and we always have to cut back on something, don’t we? Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Trish, I am really looking forward to my new books…and more Netflix. Today I’m packing up some things from my indoor closets, to store them in bins. Then back to reading/Netflix. Enjoy your week!


    1. Yes, good point, Deb. I originally started with Netflix so I could substitute it for some of my movie packages on the TV…but ended up with both! The provider of my TV service offered me some specials, and I ended up keeping them. Ha!

      Enjoy your week!


  9. These things come in fits and starts, don’t they? I’m in full reader-mode as it is my release when I’m not writing, at the moment. But the minute I start writing again, I know it will ease up somewhat. Have to say, the cover of The Ramblers looked great. I’m not watching much TV at present, other than playing catch-up with the ‘Houdini and Doyle’ series I fell behind last month.
    Have a great week and that the weather plays nice with you, whether you’re reading or not:). This is my Sunday Post – https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/sunday-post-15th-may-2/

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    1. If I haven’t finished The Killing by next weekend, I’ll probably take a break for the second season of Bloodline.

      The comedy I enjoyed last weekend was Grace and Frankie.

      Enjoy whatever you choose, and thanks for stopping by, Bryan.


  10. I try to avoid Netflix or in my case Amazon Prime because I know I would get hooked on something and have to leave EVERYthing aside to watch… of course leaving any housework aside probably wouldn’t be so bad ;-)…. Glad you are enjoying the series! And even with your binge watching you reivewed 33 books! Wow! I haven’t been able to sit still to review more than a couple this week!

    Looks like some great eBooks too! Enjoy!
    My Sunday Salon

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    1. Thanks, Suzanne, and I love Amazon Prime, too. Haven’t been there this weekend, though…thanks for the reminder! lol. Enjoy your week, and I’m glad you could stop by. Housework can definitely wait, can’t it?

      I only reviewed two books this week…the 33 are those I reviewed from my purchases this year…so far.


  11. I have been wanting to watch The Killing. Maybe I can bingewatch over the summer. Although I think Orange is the New Black will be coming back. As well as The Affair and some other shows, so I still may not have time. We’ll see, but it sounds great.

    You did great with all those reviews.

    That picture made me hungry 🙂

    Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks, Yvonne, and yes, I am excited about OITNB coming back (in June). I haven’t seen any previews of The Affair coming soon, but it must be, right?

      I’m reading Born with Teeth right now, and that reminds me of OITNB, since it’s Kate Mulgrew’s memoir (Red).

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for stopping by.


    1. Oh, yes, I like having something to look forward to in reading, as well as watching. I saw a few episodes of The Blacklist, but somehow it didn’t quite hook me. Enjoy your week, Laura, and thanks for stopping by.


  12. I’d like to read The Two-Family House, it sounds really good to me. Also interested in Born With Teeth… the audio version was an award winner at the recent Audies. You’re doing great with the Read the Books You Buy challenge!

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    1. Thanks, JoAnn, and I’m looking forward to The Two-Family House, too. Born with Teeth has kept me engaged today, in between my Netflix bingeing. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


  13. Lillian @ Mom With a Reading Problem

    Netflix sucks me in too!! We are currently bingeing out on Gilmore Girls and Friends. We just finished Leverage which I enjoyed 😀 Haven’t watched The Killing yet but plan to. I’ve heard such good things about it.
    Nice haul this week. Happy reading!

    My Sunday Post

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    1. Oh, I loved Gilmore Girls…..that was one of the first shows I binged on…after I had gotten through the numerous seasons of Damages. I haven’t watched Leverage…I’ll add that one to my list. Thanks for stopping by, Lillian, and enjoy your week.


    1. Oh, good for you, Cleo, I hope you enjoy it as well. It is hard to see books on blogs that aren’t available where you live. Enjoy your week…and thanks for visiting! Hopefully it won’t take me long to get to it, but I do have a slew of NetGalley reviews to read in the next few weeks.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is hard, isn’t it? I would love to get to the point where I read more books than I buy each month…and make significant progress on the unread books. I think I’m almost there. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy, and enjoy your week.


    1. Oh, not knowing how would drive me crazy! My youngest son gave me a tutorial…but if not knowing keeps you from a time suck like Netflix, then that works, right?

      I do love Mary Alice Monroe’s books, too, Kathy…thanks for stopping by.


  14. What a lovely week! My daughter has me watching more tv than I normally would. She got me into Dr. Who and now Gilmore Girls. She finished season one in two days so I’m trying to catch up! It seems impossible with all the reading I need to do as well. I have to admit though, it’s fun to sit back and relax. I’m not a huge tv fan but sometimes it’s nice.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Free-Bird…I loved Gilmore Girls, and from there, I went on to binge-watch several other shows…and I keep going. But I’m trying to restrict it to the weekends. Which doesn’t always work, since some of my favorite shows at night are on hiatus. Enjoy your watching…and reading.


    1. I am almost finished with Season III of The Killing…and Season IV has only six episodes (I think); I’ll be finished in time to start binge-watching Bloodline when it is released on Friday!

      Yes, addicted I am, Lucy.

      I have one more short chapter to finish in Born with Teeth…and would have finished last night, but wanted to read the final moments of the book when I am fresh, in the morning. I loved it! (I peeked ahead, so I am going to like the ending!).

      Thanks for stopping by…and enjoy your week.


  15. I find that both Netflix and Youtube really hinder my reading, after a crazy day at work and a long commute, all I want to do is stretch out in front of a screen and zone out, ideally with something that can completely suck me in so I don’t have to think about anything else any more! 🙂

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  16. Judy Blauer

    As always some great books in your reading this week. You’ll laugh but I have just gotten the hang of getting to Netflix on our downstairs TV. It takes 3 remotes to get the TV on, the blu-ray player on, and the proper HDMI connection! Whew! I always just let my DH do it, but I am catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and he doesn’t like to watch that! So I had to learn. My reading has been sporadic of late. Not sure why!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I can totally relate, Judy….it took me a while to get the hang of it all, and in the beginning, my Blu-Ray didn’t want to connect to the Internet that easily…but then I found an easy connection under Set-Up…but before the Blu-Ray, when I had to connect via laptop and HDMI cable, I felt as though it was almost too much trouble…lol.

      Now I use the laptop method in my bedroom.

      But it’s better that we learn how, and not be dependent on others, right? My youngest son taught me…

      Thanks for stopping by.


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