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morning in april


Good morning, and it’s still Coffee Time in my world, so I’m eager to talk about books and reading.  You might have also noticed my new look here (see new header at the top of my post).


I photographed a section of my bookish corner, the shelves built by my youngest son, and the loveseat…a thing from my past.  A place to curl up.



my bookish corner


The wicker loveseat has found many places to belong (for a while) in my home, from a spot by the windows to a place at the foot of my bed.

But I think this is my favorite niche for it.  It is where people sit down right after coming through the front door…and before they find the couches (loveseat and bigger couch), where they settle in for conversation, food, or reading.





Speaking of reading, I am pondering my books and trying to decide what’s up next.  Currently, I am still reading The Ramblers, an engaging book, but I’ve been distracted.  (Netflix, movies).

Breakdown is next on my list…and I love Alex Delaware.

But Friction has been on Pippa since March, so maybe it can be next?





And I’ve been looking at ROOM, too, since I saw the movie already.






So…I have a start for some engaging books….and now I just have to finish this week’s list first!  Or not.  Sometimes, I’m whimsical with my reading.

What about you?




Books & fairytales - may 16



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