Rory and Arden Falcone have been inseparable since their birth, and despite the fact that they are just cousins, they could almost be twins. They look enough alike to be mistaken for each other.

Vince and Gabrielle are Rory’s parents, while Vince’s brother Theo, and his wife Natalie, are Arden’s.

Their connection is further enhanced by the partnership between Vince and Natalie in the restaurant they own.

But all is not perfect with the Falcones, and when Rory and Arden go off to college together, and even become roommates, could they all be too close for comfort?

The dynamics between Rory and Arden become more intense at college, with Rory as the leader and Arden, following along. But Rory has always been the confident one, spoiled and entitled, while Arden is quiet, perceptive, and artistic. Why is Rory able to control Arden? Why does Arden so willingly go along with Rory’s demands?

Then at home, there is trouble, as Vince’s poor investment puts the restaurant at risk.

It all comes to a head one terrible night when a fire in the dorm room puts Rory and Arden in the hospital fighting for their lives, while a friend, Hunter, is dead.

The Good Goodbye was intense and mysterious, and following the alternate narratives of Natalie, Rory, and Arden, we slowly begin to fill in the blanks of the past, present, and the moments in the hospital when the girls hang between life and death. We come to see that none of them are who we thought, especially Gabrielle, whose dark side comes to the foreground. I definitely could not put this book down, and even when I thought I had it all figured out, I was stunned by what developed. Recommended for all who enjoy a family drama, as well as fans of the author. 4.5 stars.

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