Andrew (Drew) Morrison has finally escaped. Driving away from the home where he and his mother lived together after his father left years before, he feels the wings of freedom lifting him up and away. For years, he has been his agoraphobic/alcoholic mother’s lifeline, her link to the outside world she cannot face.

He feels guilty leaving her, but he has no choice, he tells himself. He heads across the small town of Creekside, Kansas, to Magnolia Lane and the room at his old friend Mickey’s house. Disappointed at the filth of his friend’s home, Andrew scours and redecorates his own space. And then, as if he has stepped into a fairytale, he is drawn into the world of Harlow Ward, the gorgeous woman living next door in the cute fairytale cottage, from which come plates of cookies and home cooked dinners. He is soon addicted to the attention and the charm, but as he finds himself hooked on Harlow’s world, and sees the rage of the now resentful husband Red, Drew begins to sense that all is not right in the Land of Oz.

Behind the façade lie deep, dark secrets, and the dark inner world of the people next door will bring terror and horrifying events. Who, if anyone, will live to tell about it?

The Neighbors was a heart-clutching horror tale that kept me turning pages, even as I wanted to run away and hide. Why did Harlow do what she did? What events in her past created her, and what would she continue to do to escape the pain? An intriguing tale for those who love horror…which I do not. For me, 3 stars. But others might find the story gripping and fascinating.


  1. All sounded so good to begin with, and then realised it wouldn’t be for me because horror I do not like! Enough of it on our news screens every night. Passing it by, but I know there are many horror readers out there.


    • I didn’t realize it was horror, either; I should read reviews before I buy! Probably a clue would have been the dripping blood from the teapot…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn…I shudder to think of this one. Moving on!


    • I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it…LOL; but I’m not a horror fan either. I can handle some of Stephen King’s books, but others…yikes!

      Thanks for stopping by, Katherine.


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