Wednesdays are a good day to curl up and consider my blog world.  I have been purging my home interiors, ridding myself of much of the book hoard….and someone posed the question of taking a look at my numerous blogs.  Just a thought.  Thanks, Patty, @Books, Thoughts, & a Few Adventures...LOL.

The fun I had with my HUGE number of blogs has diminished over time, although I don’t think I will ever have just one.  I do like my eclectic, quirky sites.  But I could examine a few of them.

So that’s what I did. 

After Bloggiesta finished, I especially zeroed in on my one remaining Blogger site, and an e-mail from Amazon Associates about major changes in widgets, links, etc., propelled me forward.  My only reason for remaining in that site was the advantage of those widgets.  So…without too much thought, but after examining my posts and changing links to any reviews on that site (there were only two!), I deleted it.

Yes, Story Corner went bye-bye earlier this week.  Even though it was my first blog.  And there was a little tug of sentimentality, but most of what I wrote there could easily be created elsewhere.



PicMonkey Collage-may storycorner revisedy corner


Next I took another look at my ten remaining sites, all on Word Press.  No, Chocolate & Mimosas is still a lot of fun, even though I don’t post there very often.  Snow Chronicles, my writing journal, is still functional.

So that left…Going out on a Limb.  Yes, I loved it for a while.  And when I pulled up the book review category, there were LOTS of reviews posted there.  Pages, in fact.  What to do?  Well, the only site that linked to them was this blog, Curl up and Read, and the reviews were all in 2010-2013.  So my ruthless decision?  Delete those pages on this blog, and keep only 2014-2015.  Everything I review is on Goodreads, anyway.



PicMonkey Collage-gol sept 1



Done!  Now I need one of these, as a reward for the hard work:  LOL



saturday lunch, with drinks


I will be going to lunch with a friend later, and then we’re going to see the movie I’ll See You In My Dreams, with Blythe Danner, et. al.





So that’s how my day is going so far….lots of grunt work, followed by a lovely reward.  What are you up to on this Hump Day?



  1. It must be difficult giving up all those blogs in the course of just a few days. Are you actually taking them down, or are you going to just stop posting?
    Please write about the movie so we know if it’s worth the money!


  2. I knew Patty was the blogger who lovingly suggested that move, lol. She is bluntly honest, and that’s one of the traits I like about her.
    I understand the attachment to the old blogs. You shared so much of yourself and your feelings on them, and now they are gone. Probably like a wannabe author deleting a book they worked on for a long time. But on the good side, you still have many fun blogs and have changed up their looks to keep fresh (I’m loving this pink theme here). Congrats on the courage to move forward!


    • Thanks, Rita, and I realized, of course, that most of my posts are on my top 5 blogs….those that are my favorites and have the most followers.

      One of the ones I took down was my first blog, and it was on Blogger, which I have decided just doesn’t work for me anymore. And my one on WP that I deleted, Going out on a Limb, is not that different from other quirky blogs that I still have.

      But unlike most bloggers, including Patty, I don’t ever see myself with just one…no more than I could settle for one child. LOL


    • I think the hardest one was the first blog I created in 2008, Story Corner, but it was on the Blogger platform, and I’m disenchanted with what is happening with Amazon Associates. So…less difficult.

      One of the blogs had a lot of reviews posted (Going out on a Limb), but I dealt with it by removing the pages here that linked to them…they were old reviews and are on Goodreads, anyway.

      Thanks for stopping by, Pat.


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