The lovely Mediterranean setting was a great draw for this book, but the unusual writing style left me feeling confused a lot of the time.

The writer takes us from the present, in the opening chapter, and then swerves back to the past, and we see the characters in their earlier incarnations.

Two primary characters, Lulu Davenport and Gerald Rutledge, octogenarians at the beginning, were once in love…and as the story spins back in time, we see what happened to them over the years. Their children and grandchildren are the recipients of their legacy and their traditions, and while I love the idea of such events, I simply did not enjoy The Rocks: A Novel.

Many others will probably engage with this story, but I was not one of them. Three stars.


  1. I like that you were brave enough to post a negative review. I am pondering what to do about a book that I am giving 1 star. I could only read about 25% because the writing was so poor. Did you post this anywhere else? Mine is a first-time author and I hate to be cruel, but I need to be honest.


    1. We have to be honest, Elizabeth…I do try to put a positive spin on something about each book, even the ones I don’t particularly enjoy. Like the setting, or interesting characters.

      I also published this review on Amazon and Goodreads.


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