When Emily Coleman disappears from her life, leaving behind her husband Ben, she literally morphs into someone else.

In her new persona as Cat Brown (her legal birth name was Catherine Emily Brown), she knows that she can still use her passport, but that nobody in her old life will realize her new identity. And she can forget the terrible events of May 6, and her horrible twin Caroline.

But what happened to Emily in her old life?

As we see the transformation of Emily to Cat, in “Cat’s” first person narrative, there is an alternate third person narrative voiced by Ben and Emily before the events that changed everything.

What is most surreal about Emily’s new persona is how much more closely she begins to resemble Caroline, the horrible, annoying twin who has done so many things to help destroy Emily.

Is Emily’s narrative one we can believe? Is anything in her life, old and new, real? And whose version of events is most reliable?

When something tragic happens in her new life, everything begins to crash around her, and we see the lives begin to merge. What is the truth? And who, if anyone, is the victim in this story?

The twists and turns seemed to come at me from all sides, confusing and mind-boggling, and just when, in the final pages, everything began to fall into place, we are stunned by still another unexpected reveal.

I enjoyed One Step Too Far: A Novel, up until the end, when it seemed as if the author was purposely being vague in order to keep us guessing. And that worked up to a point…but then it began to feel as though she was playing with the reader. 4.0 stars.


  1. Oh I have this in the top 10 of my neverending wishlist. It sounds so intriguing and different, but maybe…to different? Glad you liked it though sometimes when authors get too “cutesy” with their style it puts me off.


  2. I really enjoyed this one! I loved all the twists and I couldn’t read fast enough to see what the heck was going on! I couldn’t understand why she just left like she did. Glad you enjoyed it and I while I didn’t feel like I was played with, I do understand exactly what you mean.


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