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Welcome to another Thursday, and the ramblings that make up My Bookish (and Not So Bookish Thoughts), hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

I wasn’t going to add a new post today, since I am participating in Bloggiesta...but then I got most of my list for that event completed, so here I am.

Follow the link and find out what I have accomplished so far.  You may have noticed a different look here, and I also added some pages and updated some others.

New blog theme, header, background and blog button.  I love doing this stuff!

Yes, I know many people have fabulous designs created by professionals….but for me, the fun is in doing it.

On the home front this week, I’ve been clearing out drawers:  in my desk, in nightstands, etc., and I shredded a bunch of stuff, too.

The trouble with these tasks…once you get started, the possibilities expand, and the lists are endless!  But I stopped for a while…time to contemplate.

I do need to go out in the garage and organize those bins.  Some of them have papers from more than seven years ago, so I can rid myself of those, too.

I also want to gather up some of my collections and take them to a consignment shop….

See what I mean?  Endless tasks….


What does your bookish/non-bookish life look like this week?





  1. A few years ago I participated in “30 bags in 30 days” – a spring-cleaning challenge where you cleaned out one drawer, one cupboard, one shelf etc each day for 30 days. The point was to make cleaning stuff out manageable. I well and truly exceeded 30 bags of stuff leaving my house (win) and pushed on to 45 days! The task didn’t seem so big when tackled a little at a time.


  2. Oh no! Did I start us both down this path? But I think I always feel this way in the Fall! Time to regroup and clean! I looked at one of my kitchen swags the other day and I was disgusted! I have not dusted it in ages!


    • Yes, I can blame you, Patty! LOL

      But actually, I read an article in AARP (Yes, I must admit that I get that), and it was all about decluttering the paperwork, etc., so the kids don’t have a mess on their hands. Not that I anticipate anything happening, but it’s good to start on it and maybe keep it all in shape.

      And dusting…yes, I actually realized the state of my kitchen, behind things, when I got a new coffeepot and had to rearrange everything on the counters. It can get ahead of us.


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