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Here we are on Thursday again, ready to celebrate our Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts, hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

This week has been unsettling for me.  I received a summons for Jury Duty, but it’s one of those where you have to check in periodically.  Every day, I have held my breath and waited until time to check the Jury website:  Do I have to report, or do I get a reprieve?

And typically, they give me little incremental reprieves, like:  check back tomorrow after 5:00.

We’ve gotten through most of the week this way…except today (Thursday) I have to check at 11:30.  Not “after” 11:30, or “after” 5:00, but at 11:30.  I don’t like the sound of this.  Will I be stuck having this thing carry over into next week?  Will I have to spend my Friday downtown?

See, that’s the other thing.  If I have to go, it involves going to the downtown part of the city, with parking problems, etc., and I recall how I worked downtown for many years and how stressful that all was.  So I’m not looking forward to any of this.

Okay, it’s not that Jury Duty is horrible, or anything, but yes, it does mess up my routines.  And I was just chatting about that very thing over at my Musings Post.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy changing things up…I actually do.  But I want it to be my choice!  Yes, I’ve ranted about waiting on other people’s schedules, having my routines rearranged by the needs of others…and I know that my need to choose what I do with my days is very important to me.

So…heavy sigh.  Let’s hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I was checking my TBR stacks, for my Mt. TBR Challenge, I have pledged to read 36 books this year that I purchased before 2014, including e-books.  I’ve done pretty well, having finished 26 of them so far.  I went to my pages of Book Purchases, and I have seven books unread that I purchased before this year:  Two books in 2011; one book in 2012; and four books in 2013.  So, strangely enough, I won’t make the number even if I read all of these.

But then I remembered the REALLY old stack that isn’t on this blog:  Books Purchased Before 2009, when I started the blog.  And there are seven of them!  Yay!  So I picked out three and stacked them on my coffee table/trunk.

I don’t even want to talk about the books that I have purchased THIS year so far that I haven’t read.  Am I crazy? 

The only books I read in a timely manner are the review books.  I guess that’s good, though.  What are your thoughts on your TBR Stacks?


Here are the new (unread) print books (front row) that I purchased this year…but before you are impressed, this does not include, of course, all the many books on Sparky. 




Books on Sparky:  52 Unread Books Purchased This Year!



    1. I was trying to think of how I could get a doctor’s excuse….but couldn’t. And I guess that’s good, in a way….

      There is something about the summons that frightens me a little…sort of like hearing from the IRS…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Harvee.


  1. I am creature of routine and would much prefer they just said arrive this week. The not knowing every day thing would make me crazy. Hmm,unread books in my tbr pile..oh lord. Even if I dedicated to read only those books I don’t think the 250-300 books I typically read in a year would get er done. #addict #book-buying addiction. Question: Do these include eBook purchases? Because if it does I shall faint.


    1. I also hate the not knowing, and the having to check in every day…but happily, I just checked in at the 11:30 deadline…and I’m discharged from duty! Yay!

      My unread e-books purchased this year is 52…and the print books purchased this year and still unread are around 11…so I guess, not so bad.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kimba….


    1. I just got released from duty! Yay! I was really dreading the possibility of going downtown. Plus this week is the worst, as it’s end of the month errands, bill paying, etc. Thanks for stopping by, Maria Helena.


    1. I have received numerous jury duty summonses over the years…but only had to serve once. However, that time, I was on a trial that lasted three weeks…and it was so disruptive to my life at the time, that I have dreaded getting the summons ever since!

      Yes, now that I think of my TBR, it isn’t bad, not even counting the e-books. Thanks for stopping by, Kate.


  2. Somehow my husband and I have both escaped jury duty which is good because we both spent far too many hours sitting in courtrooms when were journalists. The first few cases you hear are interesting but after a while the excitement wears off.


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