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Recently I downloaded two books that I hadn’t even considered buying or reading…because they had been made into movies.  And I LOVE movies.

Yes, I love books, but books made into movies are my go-to thing.

If I Stay (click for review)was a book that left me sighing and weeping a little.  But the movie, which I saw yesterday, even more so.  To find out more about WHY, check out my Sunday Potpourri post.



I had noticed this title On Demand, but hadn’t watched it…but then my daughter kept urging me to do so, saying she was sure I’d love it.  Does that girl know me, or what?

I watched it On Demand…but then recorded it later last night, after noticing it on Starz.  I want to be able to watch it again…and you never know about On Demand.  Some of those movies hang around, and others disappear quickly.

I used to buy DVDs for everything…and you can tell by my DVD shelves…I have more than 800 movies there, and that doesn’t count the few VCR tapes that I still have!

Here’s a brief glimpse of a portion of the shelves that extend the length of the hallway.




My obsessions (which I prefer to call collections) are numerous, but recently I’ve been purging my bookshelves.  They are overflowing again, even though my habit nowadays is to download new books to Sparky.

But there are those giveaways and those Vine review books!

Right now I’m reading a Vine book called Falling Into Place, by Amy Zhang, from Vine.  In some ways, it is reminiscent of If I Stay, as the girl in the story has also been in a horrendous accident and is lying in a hospital bed, while the world (and her world in the past) swirl around her.

But how she got there is very different.


Earlier today, I read a lovely post by Nose Graze, a blog I recently started following.  She talks about her routines and how much she loves them.

And I could definitely relate.  Even though mine is different, the similarities exist in the security of having something real and secure in our worlds…something that we look forward to in our days.

What has your day been like so far?  Your week?  Do you savor the routines, or do you like playing it by ear?



  1. I’m so glad to hear you thought the movie of If I Stay was better than the book!! I love the book and too oftem I am left disappointed after watching the movie adaption.

    Lovely DVD collection!! I love movies. I used to spend too much time watching

    Thanks for visiting my blog! 😀


  2. I am definitely a “routine” person–I’m very set in my ways and sometimes get anxious if my daily routine gets interrupted–and especially if my reading routine gets interrupted!
    I’ve bought a few DVD sets of TV series that I’ve loved in the past (West Wing, NYPD Blue, thirtysomething), but I buy very few movies.


    1. The threat of an interruption of my routine is something I was reminded of this week, after getting a jury summons. Luckily, I have to check periodically on the website…and hope I don’t have to actually go in! Thanks for stopping by, Book Mammal.


  3. sherry fundin

    I moved some years ago and purged my book collection down to four bookcases, but since blogging, it is growing again. I keep myself from buying physical books, for the most part. I just can’t seem to let them go once they make their way into the house. LOL I am not a huge movie buff, more like a TV addict. ^_^ Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog.

    sherry @ fundinmental


    1. Yes, I think that choice is the important ingredient. I enjoying varying my routines if I CHOOSE to do it. I don’t like others undoing my routine for me,,.LOL. Like getting a jury summons in the mail has tossed this week into potential chaos. So far, I’m just required to check the website to see if I have to report in, but I’m all in a dither about how I’ll manage if I have to go in. Thanks for stopping by, Jo.


  4. Ok. My husband told me he thought I’d enjoy At Middleton after netflix sent it to him. He’s quite a movie buff whereas I’m a book fan 🙂 I guess I should watch this one after reading your thoughts 🙂



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