Katrina Lynden’s staid and stable life in Mountain View, CA, has left her feeling miserable. As an accountant at an advertising firm, she is doing what was expected of her by her parents. Utilizing the skills she learned in college.

But something is missing from her life, and the structure that guides her each day is starting to feel like a noose.

So when Kat’s best friend Deb suggests that they quit their jobs and go to New York for a couple of months, for an adventure, she agrees. Even though her parents are horrified and advise against it.

Everything is all set, from giving notice to subletting an apartment in the East Village.

So when Deb cancels at the last minute because her company offered an astonishing promotion if she doesn’t leave, Katrina is forced to make a new plan.

Can she go it alone in New York? How will the shy, retiring persona she has inhabited for so many years take on such a challenge? And will she learn how to transform her life, even as she delights in her new experiences?

Katwalk is a fun venture outside the comfort zone, and I loved how the author took the reader along for the ride. Through Katrina’s eyes (dubbed Kat by her New York friends and neighbors), we see her new world as she experiences it, from the coffee house in the neighborhood to the yoga studio nearby. Rediscovering a long buried desire to paint, Kat is truly expressing a new incarnation as she evolves from the frightened young woman she once was.

Just as I suspected how things might unfold, it was still fun to watch it happen. A delightful character, Kat could be someone we all know and love. 4.0 stars.


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