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Welcome to another Thursday!  Today I’m participating in a little meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous:  a chance to explore a variety of thoughts.

Thursdays are an odd day in the week, so I serendipitously discovered this little event last week, and decided to hop on board.

This week has been strangely out of sync, as the management of my condo complex is doing routine maintenance.  But they don’t tell you when they are coming!  The note says “anytime between 9 and 2:30, Mon. to Fri.”

I hate that, because for me, that means staying home every day between those hours. 

I have one of those homes with lots of collections, etc., so the “bull in the china shop” guys have a tendency to mow them down as they go about their business.  Am I being sexist?  No, I have just observed a lot of guys doing their work, whether it’s construction or maintenance, for many years.  And that is why I have elected to stay close to home when they arrive…to observe and protect my turf.  LOL


bull in a china shop



The upside:  I have been reading, and the books I selected for this week have been wonderfully engaging.  Small Blessings, by Martha Woodroof (click for review) is one of those books that seemed to wrap itself around me like a cozy shawl, as each character brought something special to the canvas.






Today I am reading Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty, and those pages seem to fly through my fingers.  There is bullying, and there is lots of competition between the mums at the school, and there is a murder…we think.  The hint of it hovers over every page, as we wonder who did what to whom.








The kinds of books that definitely distract me during this long, hot week of annoyances.

Oh, and by the way…it is Thursday, I’ve been stuck at home all week, and they haven’t come yet!  I cancelled my hair stylist for today…just because they might come today.

I looked in the mirror and studied my locks…they can manage another week.

Blogging is something else that distracts me when I’m waiting for things….and I have done something on my blogs every day this week.

I have changed themes, headers, etc.  Did you notice that this blog has a new look?

So…now I’m off to grab my breakfast tray and enjoy a little munching.  What are you up to today?





  1. I like the new look, Laurel! I hate being at the beck and call of service people but what are you going to do? I’d read. That sounds like another good Moriarty book! I do draw the line at canceling a hair appointment, lol. My roots would be ridiculous. I hope the guys show up soon, complete their work quickly, and leave very little damage in their wake 😉


    • Oh, so do I, Mary. My daughter has put blond highlights in my hair for a while (she is my stylist), so the gray doesn’t show (or else I’m blind!). It’s a difference between five weeks or six.

      And yes, I absolutely HATE that vague open-ended kind of schedule that forces me to wait. When I am tempted to leave, I remember how, even when I’m here, the guys stumble around, almost knocking things over…LOL.

      Big Little Lies is awesome! My favorite of hers so far…so many dangerous secrets and the foreshadowing that hovers…hope you love it, too.

      I’m glad you like the new look here.


    • Oh, it is agonizing! But books help, Kathy, and as you know, I finished reading Big Little Lies and posted my review. Such a fabulous book.

      And no, they haven’t arrived, and my daughter’s a little peeved that I cancelled our appointment (she’s my stylist). Sigh. I was looking forward to seeing her today, too.


  2. I like the new look! I hate nothing more than when I’m given those ‘windows’ for service and I have to wait around. Almost every time they don’t show up until the last half hour of the window. So frustrating!

    I can’t wait to read Big Little Lies! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.


    • Thanks, Brandie…I have decided I love this new look, too. And if not for the fabulous books I’ve been reading, the interminable wait would have been harder.

      Big Little Lies is awesome! Just finished it and posted my review on my An Interior Journey site.


    • They haven’t, Chrizette…I knew I would hate it, so I’m glad I decided to just read…and read.

      The worst waiting I ever did was for a cable guy who never arrived during that “window” and I missed my daughter’s best friend’s wedding!


  3. I feel badly for you waiting for servicemen, which isn’t the same as staying indoors of your own will because you want to avoid the heat or whatever. I am a clock-watcher and their vagueness would drive me nuts. Even worse…when they never show up after all, ugh. I was lucky yesterday. I was given a delivery window for a new sofa between 2-6pm, and they called at about 2:20pm to say they would be to my house in “7 minutes”. I thought that was awfully exact of them 🙂
    I would like to read Small Blessings and Big Little Lies and Little Mercies (on your sidebar). Do you see the common denominator there? LOL

    By the way, I have noticed the work on your blogs and you have done such a nice job– very attractive and reader friendly!


    • Thanks, Rita…and yes, as I was looking at the books I read this month, the “bigs” and “littles” in the titles were overwhelming. Is there a message there? LOL

      I can’t even begin to express how frustrating it is to wait, and the thing that has helped the most this week is writing this post and getting such lovely comments.

      Of all the things I could be waiting for, however…a new sofa would be my favorite. Enjoy!


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