Review: The From-Aways, by C. J. Hauser



Leah meets Henry in New York, but falls for him because of his oddities, as well as the stories he tells about his childhood in Maine. They marry too quickly, before they really know each other. Will they realize that they have nothing in common?

Quinn has been the caretaker during her mother’s illness, so when she dies, there is a void. Her mother’s last request is that she go to Menamon, Maine, to try to find the folk-singer father who abandoned them. Scrappy and smart-mouthed, Quinn gets a job at the local paper, an apartment above the town diner, and tries to shore up the courage to meet her father. But falling in love with her roommate, Rosie, was never part of the plan.

In alternating chapters, we follow Leah’s and Quinn’s first-person narratives, and learn each woman’s thoughts and feelings. Of the two, I liked Leah the best, as Quinn seemed too impulsive and careless, rushing blindly into all kinds of situations. Her girlfriend Rosie, was similar and before either of them could realize the extent of their poor choices, it would be too late.

A news story that is likely to divide the town further brings the two young women together on a hot-button issue. How can these two outsiders fit in? Will their pursuit of the perfect topic alter their position in the town? Will Leah’s marriage fall apart?

The From-Aways: A Novel is an engaging tale about small-town life…specifically, small-town life in a fisherman’s paradise. It is about people not wanting their town to change; people who love everything the way it has always been. When outsiders force changes on them, there will be hell to pay. 4.0 stars.

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