Review: Keep Quiet, by Lisa Scottoline

Jake Buckman and his sixteen-year-old son Ryan have had challenges in their relationship, so when his wife Pam asks him to pick Ryan up at the movies, he sees it as an opportunity for the two of them to bond.For the ride home, Ryan begs to drive, so while it is past the hour when someone with a learner’s permit can drive, Jake agrees. Ryan’s joy makes him feel good.But suddenly, everything changes when they approach a blind corner on Pike Road. All it took was the two of them glancing at one another and away from the road for tragedy to descend.Their split-second decision will change their lives for the foreseeable future, and the secret will weigh upon them heavily. Ryan’s sports career and his college future could hang in the balance, but can he and his father hide what has happened?

In the unfolding story, it seems obvious that the two of them will be facing uncertainty and the possibility of discovery.

At this point in Keep Quiet, we meet characters like Dr. Dave, the coach and a therapist, who inserts himself into the lives of the Buckman family with unwanted advice and the kind of intrusiveness that can only anger someone with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Pam seems entirely too trusting of Dr. Dave, and while they have promised not to tell anyone their secret, there is always a risk. There was something oily and annoying about Dr. Dave, so I felt that there was more to him than met the eye.

And then there is the man who approaches Jake, claiming to be someone whose son is playing basketball, but who is not what he seems. Who is he and why is he moving in on them with just enough information to threaten their world? What is his angle, and how will Jake deal with him?

Even though I was rooting for the Buckman family, I did not like Pam, even though, in the end, she seemingly came through for the family. But her attitude throughout, until the final moments, was judgmental and harsh. She blamed Jake for everything, while not acknowledging her own mistakes or poor choices.

As the story drew to a close, I liked how new pieces of the puzzle suddenly came out, throwing a new slant on everything we thought we knew. The final resolution was a good one for Jake, Ryan, and Pam. An intense suspenseful tale that kept me rapidly turning pages. 4.5 stars.

6 thoughts on “Review: Keep Quiet, by Lisa Scottoline

  1. I finished this two days ago, but unfortunately I have been reading so much that I haven’t caught up on my reviews so I haven’t weighed in on this. I gave it 5/5 but I am a sucker for these kinds of family in conflict stories, and the ending came back strong with a good, unexpected conclusion. I also disliked Pam, and actually her husband Jake is kind of a lightweight to her hardnose. Oh well, glad you enjoyed it too.


    1. Yes, I thought Pam was such a hypocrite…her secret was a biggie, too. I guess she is the kind of character that would be a judge…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita. I, too, am a sucker for this kind of story.


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