It would be a life-changing summer in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, for the three women whose lives are at a turning point.

Bea is in search of her birth mother; Gemma, newly pregnant, is hoping to figure out how to overcome the differences between herself and her husband Alexander; and Veronica, who has returned to Boothbay Harbor after many years away, hopes to face up to and confront the pain of the past.

And in the middle of it all, a movie starring Colin Firth is in production.

How will the women find what they are seeking? Will they realize how their lives can move forward in spite of their issues? And what will Colin Firth add to the mix…if anything?

I loved the stories that featured the perspectives of the three women, and felt as though they were friends with whom I would like to sit and enjoy coffee and pie. Veronica is the cozy foodie who bakes magically healing “elixir pies.” Bea is surprisingly open in her quest for her birth mother. And Gemma is someone to whom many women can relate, with her journey toward finding out how to combine motherhood and work, and where to begin the new life. Finding Colin Firth: A Novel was really about each woman’s search for something missing in her life, or something that requires change.

The Three Captains’ Inn, where Gemma stays with old friends June and Isabel, took me back to The Meryl Streep Movie Club…where the same inn is at the heart of that story. It was great to revisit these characters, and see how the new ones connected. Movie nights were also a feature in this story, with Colin Firth films spotlighted that month. A feel good story that earned 4 stars.


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