It is over!  The Bloggiesta Fiesta is done….and I didn’t even get any Nachos.

But I feel that I made significant changes in one of my blogs, and did a bit of dabbling on several of the others.  I enjoyed the mini-challenges, too.

So here’s my list:

1.  Participate in mini-challenges ( Through a Visitors Eyes;  Getting to Know You;   Decluttering the Sidebar;

and Reviewing in Many Places.)  Done!

2. Visit at least 20 participants – Done!

3.   Clean up those sidebars  Done!

4.   Organize my pages  Done!  I deleted old challenges and updated info on some pages

5.   Explore changing my theme and header  Done!

6.   Find an effective tool to calendar my blog activities.Created Google calendar; also a daily planner in print  Done!

7.   Work on some of my other blogs (I have eleven!)  Done!

Ole!  Enjoy the week…and when the linky goes up over at the Finish line, I plan to visit some more blogs.  Hope you stop by here.



    1. Some of them are more active than others…I just love playing around with the designs and changing things up. I didn’t start out to have so many….they just grew…lol. Thanks for stopping by, Uniflame.


  1. You make a good point. This was fun, but nachos would definitely have added something. I should make some next time!

    Congratulations on accomplishing so many goals! I probably should have come up with a concrete number of blogs to visit like you! My efforts were somewhat random, but I did still meet a lot of great bloggers!


  2. Wow, my mouth dropped when I saw you had 11 blogs and you accomplished ALL of your goals….IMPRESSIVE! Hope you have as productive of a week this week. Btw, do you ever sleep maintaining 11 blogs? Me, just one and I still can’t devote as much time as I would like to it.


    1. Yes, during Bloggiesta, I usually work primarily on one of my blogs, although I occasionally dabble on the others. You’ll notice that my list was pretty short…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Tanya, and enjoy your week.


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