The mountains of North Carolina are the setting for Murder at Blue Falls, the Horse Found the Body (Appalachian Adventure Mysteries).

Jemma Chase, a trail guide at her parents’ guest ranch, finds herself at the center of mysterious goings-on, beginning with some poisoned dogs. And when a body is discovered on the trail one day, Jemma is also front and center in this mystery, and snaps photos of the crime scene. The detective who first showed up to question her about the dog poisoning is not too keen on her interests, however, and, in many ways, seems antagonistic.

Jemma is an intriguing character with a number of unconventional talents, like carpentry, photography, and now a thirst for Crime Scene Investigating. But will her eagerness to help solve the crimes in the area put her at risk?

Will the conflicts between Detective Tucker and Jemma lead to trouble? What will turn things around for Jemma in her quest for answers? And, amongst all the possible suspects, who will turn out to be the perpetrator?

From the beginning I enjoyed the characters, the settings, as well as the red herrings that kept me from fully guessing the perpetrator. I liked the homey Southern dialogue that made me feel as if I were a guest at the ranch. I’m eager to read more about these characters. Five stars.

Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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