Mackie Sue Beanblossom and Daisy Hazelhurst have been best friends since childhood. Their enduring friendship is the backbone of this funny, poignant, and colorful story.

Set in North Carolina, Slightly Cracked draws the reader immediately into the Southern dialogue and charm of the area, while also offering an up-close and personal peek into the less-than-stellar moments that accompany these women as they journey through menopause and beyond. Their insecurities about their marriages, their body issues, and how they feel about all of it are narrated from their perspectives, dashed with a generous dollop of humor.

What unique set of circumstances draws the two women closer as the story unfolds? How does an illness threaten the bond between them, and how does Mackie Sue’s response actually cement their bond? What will happen, finally, to reassure Mackie Sue about her own marriage?

This story resonates with me, as an older woman; and while younger individuals might not have experienced these issues, knowing how these characters dealt with them could be an encouraging sign for the future. A delightful read to which I award four stars.

Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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