When Jayne Sullivan headed to a small town in Maine, she was determined to capture images of a reclusive artist. But almost from the very first moments after her arrival, nothing is turning out to be what she expected.

First she is captivated by a mysterious handyman, Reed Kimball, and then she begins to discover various townspeople who seem to vary from unfriendly to strange.

While sorting out the events as they unfold, and before she can catch her breath, she is abducted and held prisoner in a damp basement, with no hope that she’ll ever escape. Her captor wears a mask and a cloak, and all she can see is a pair of intense blue eyes.

Fortunately, she is trained in martial arts and is able to break free, using skill and the element of surprise. But her journey toward finding the answers to the strange goings-on in this frightening town are only beginning. And never mind ever finding the artist who is definitely determined to hide.

Who can she trust and what can she know to be true? Suddenly everyone starts to look like the potential abductor and any pair of blue eyes could be those of her captor. Can she even believe in the goodness in Reed, who rescued her on the road after her escape?

All of the characters in Midnight Exposure seemed potentially suspect, including law enforcement. Even as I started to figure out who might have targeted Jayne and several others, I was thrown a curve at the end of this exciting page-turner that was a great mix of mystery and romance. As much as I enjoyed this book, I had trouble liking most of the characters. The author’s ability to evoke emotions with her characterizations is a plus. The motivations that drove the killer stretched credibility, however, so I’m awarding this one four stars. Recommended for fans of suspense and romance.

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