For most of Zero Day, the story moves at a fast clip, taking the reader right into the midst of a mystery set in a small West Virginia coal mining town.

Four people murdered in their homes sets the scene, and shortly thereafter, we meet Special Agent John Puller, a military man sent in to solve the murders, in cooperation with local detective Sam Cole (Samantha).

Before the two are barely immersed in the crime scene, three more dead bodies show up, one in the basement and two across the street.

Motivated by the horrific crimes, Puller and Cole dig in, finding clues as they go, but as with most murders, there are no readily apparent suspects or motives.

What does an old concrete bunker have to do with what is happening? How does a motorcycle club figure in to it all? And what, if anything, does the richest man in town know about what is happening?

I enjoyed the interaction and mounting attraction between Puller and Cole, but even as they seemingly grew closer to solving the case, obstacles appeared from the most unlikely sources, including extra layers of bureaucracy. Who can our hero and heroine trust and what drastic measures must they take?

The story sagged for me at times and I even felt bored by the minutiae that cropped up at every turn. Therefore…3.5 stars for me.


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