When Maggie Mahoney became a partner at a top Wall Street law firm, she had earned her position; however, some felt that her husband Bryce was more than a little bit responsible for her success.

With his death came a change in how she viewed herself and how others saw her. Additionally, the attorney chosen to replace her husband had some questionable qualities, including a tendency to intimidate the female attorneys and other female employees.

So when Maggie is appointed to a committee to investigate sexual harassment, she is enthused. Until she begins to realize that the whole task force might just be a smokescreen, and that the chairman of the firm and his ambitions might just be at play.

What will Maggie have to do to expose the dark underbelly of the firm? Will she be able to win justice for the women in the firm before it is too late?

Terminal Ambition: A Maggie Mahoney Novel was an exciting, page-turning thriller that illuminated the issues and revealed an intriguing glimpse of how the Big Boys play their power games. I would have enjoyed a more in-depth glimpse into the lives outside the law firm, but I do look forward to more books about Maggie Mahoney. Four stars.

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