The youngest of three sisters, Leah Johnson has fallen into a groove of sorts. There are expectations from family that she will take a certain path, just like her older sisters. They each have the appropriate boyfriends, and Leah’s boyfriend Shane is also accepted by her family.

At the beginning of one hot summer, Leah’s oldest sister has announced her engagement, and while everything centers on the upcoming wedding, Leah is feeling restless. Everything about her boyfriend, her sisters, and her life has started to irritate her.

Then one day, she meets a hot guy who works at the country club, and a whirlwind flirtation ensues, with Leah obsessing about the guy, wanting something different from her sisters, and hoping she can juggle both boys until she decides what she really wants.

Kiss Crush Collide seemed like a light teen romance, but I found all the characters annoying, and Leah’s behavior toward an old friend Valerie seemed snobby at best and cruel at worst. I had a hard time believing that she wanted to “escape” the family’s expectations when everything she said and did fell right in with the family’s “party line.”

Was Leah torn between two lovers? Or was she just selfish and wanting to try out a new guy without really giving up the old one?

I was bored with this trite story long before the end. Two stars.


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