When Lucy Bloom, personal organizer, sells her home and most of her possessions to afford her son Ash’s drug rehab, she needs a job that will bring in enough to finance her new life.

Her new job turns out to be the most challenging one she’s had: oversee the decluttering of a “hoarder” artist’s home, and do it discreetly. The downside is she has a very limited time to accomplish the task, but if she does, she’ll receive a huge bonus.

It sounds fairly straightforward, but soon Lucy discovers that her client, Marva Meier Rios, seemingly cannot let go of anything and fights her all along the way.

In the process of completing this task, what will Lucy uncover amidst the detritus of Marva’s life? What secrets from the past are informing the present? And how will Lucy finally get through to her addicted son who seems unwilling to stay in rehab?

In answering these questions and in exploring a defunct relationship that she may have ended prematurely, Lucy must discover that “there are those things you keep, things you let go of—and it’s often not easy to know the difference.”

A richly engaging story that delves into the heart of human relationships, both to other people and to the objects they possess, Objects of My Affection: A Novel was a five-star read for me.


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  2. Thanks for your review. I’m working (in my mind, so far) on a young adult series about hoarding, and this sounds like a must-read for me. There aren’t a lot of novels that deal with this too-common issue. Thanks again!


    • I’ve read one memoir about the topic, and have an e-book called Dirty Little Secrets on my Kindle. I’m glad there are finally some books on the topic. Thanks for stopping by, Lesley, and for “following” my blog.


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