A modern day fairytale princess of a small European nation, Christiana has managed to escape the glitz and tedium of her life to attend Berkeley for four years. But now she’s back home…and back to attending ceremonies, cutting ribbons, and living her official role as a Serene Highness who will never reign in her nation, due to the rules of ascendancy, but can never live a normal life, either.

She wants to do something meaningful, so after much persuasion, her father allows her to go to an African nation to help in relief efforts. Where, of course, she meets a handsome American doctor. The rest is very predictable.

I struggled to read H.R.H., not connecting with this character, or any of them. The storytelling was repetitive, with its message of “poor princess,” and the author’s style was to “tell” the reader how the characters were feeling. I could not feel anything for them as a result; it all read too much like a lesson in how sad this princess’s life was, reminding us repeatedly of her plight.

You can guess the ending—and yes, there was one surprising twist; however, the author seemingly had to offer the princess an “out,” so she could have her happy ending. I was very happy to close this book. Two stars.


    • A long time ago, I enjoyed a couple of her earlier books, especially the sagas like Zoya. I guess it’s like that “intermittent reinforcement” we learn about in psychology; if there’s an occasional good one (positive reinforcement), we keep hoping to find another…lol

      This book was probably one of the worst of hers…although most I’ve read lately (from my Old TBR stacks) are pretty bad.

      Then there was one (Rogue) that wasn’t too bad…see, proves my theory!

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathy.


    • Like I mentioned above, I enjoy them intermittently….I guess when you write as many books as Steel does, there are bound to be some that don’t appeal to the occasional reader.

      Thanks for stopping by, Esme.


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