It’s a wrap!  Yes, indeed, the weekend was fun, with lots of blog visiting and participating in five mini-challenges.  I worked on this blog primarily, but also did some things over at my two Blogger sites.

Here’s my list, with finished items crossed out.  As you can see, I pretty much finished everything, except for the one thing marked next to the last item.

Did you all have fun?  I hope you’ll share your progress.


1.  Review pages and delete those that are no longer relevant;

2.  Update sidebars, removing old and outdated images and links;

3.  Participate in mini-challenges and learn how to improve my blogging skills; I especially want to learn more about Word Press plug-ins;

4.  Check out new widgets that might work for my sidebars; Added Goodreads widget;

5.  Visit lots of blogs; So far I’ve visited 30, but I’ll keep going;

6.  Change tagline for this blog;

7.  Add new blog header and background.

8.  Make new blog button


Additional Tasks Completed:

9.  Went to my two Blogger sites and added pages there for the first time!

10. Made a new blog header for Story Corner.(a blog that no longer exists)  Yay!

11.  I created a favicon which shows up in the place where I uploaded it, but I haven’t been able to make it appear where it is supposed to (up next to the URL)….sigh

To celebrate, I went out to a neighborhood Mexican restaurant with two of my grandkids….all this Fiesta stuff was making me crave some tacos, nachos, etc.

Did you do anything to celebrate?



  1. You accomplished a lot! And you did a really good job cleaning up your sidebars and changing some things like the header 🙂 I wish I had thought of Mexican food. I had a hot dog for lunch but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count. I celebrated my finish by watching my current favourite book-to-tv adaptation – The Secret Circle. I planned to read a little but my eyes are getting a bit too sore for that.


  2. You did wonders. Don’t you just love looking at a todo lists with all strike thrus?

    I didn’t get to strike anything off my list. The trip home Saturday gobbled too much time and energy from Thursday through Monday. I had imagined getting to visit a post or two, leaving quick comments during short breaks during the trip prep on Friday but every time I sat down with that intention something interrupted me or the browser or Internet connection thru little tantrums.

    i had also imagined having all day Sunday but had not calculated how much time my husband and I would need to make up for three months apart.

    And the browser/Internet issues continue. One might think ones computer had a resident poltergeist. I have been here three or four times since you left your comment, trying to reciprocate and thank you and every time something interfered–a very long load or a time out, a frozen window, a crashed script, a page refusing to scroll, a fading connection, a 404… This has gone on since Thursday at both my mom’s and at home and is not typical at either so it is very weird.

    I did get to read a few of the mini-challenge posts and some of the twitter chatter and accumulated more things for my todo list which is now more than twice as long as it started out.

    I’m into the makeover mode too. I spent all afternoon and evening today creating a desk and workspace in my new office and unpacking my books and crafts from the trip and from the move day after Xmas. I’ll be posting pics of that one corner in a bit but I’m not ready to show off the other three corners yet. 😉


    • Oh, I can totally relate to computer issues…I haven’t had any in awhile (knock wood!), but I have definitely had them. I think there is a beast living inside our computers just waiting to strike!

      Thanks so much for making the time to stop by, despite these issues; and I can’t wait to see what you’ve done.

      Good luck with your office makeover…I’ve been in a “rearranging furniture” mood periodically this year.

      Have a great week, Joy.




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