Hi, Blog World!  Are you ready to party?

I’ve been ready for awhile now.  And just to get things going, here’s my to-do list…and I may add to it as I go along.

1.  Review pages and delete those that are no longer relevant;

2.  Update sidebars, removing old and outdated images and links;

3.  Participate in mini-challenges and learn how to improve my blogging skills; I especially want to learn more about Word Press plug-ins;

4.  Check out new widgets that might work for my sidebars; Added Goodreads widget;

5.  Visit lots of blogs; So far I’ve visited 30, but I’ll keep going;

6.  Change tagline for this blog;

7.  Add new blog header and background.

8.  Make new blog button


Additional Tasks Completed:

9.  Went to my two Blogger sites and added pages there for the first time!

10. Made a new blog header for   Story Corner ( a blog that no longer exists).Yay!

11.  I created a favicon which shows up in the place where I uploaded it, but I haven’t been able to make it appear where it is supposed to (up next to the URL)….sigh

Anyone know how to make that happen?  I looked at the mini-challenge directions and I was lost…



  1. I need to learn more about wordpress plug ins too… they baffle (and scare me) I suck when it comes to downloading anything…. where does it go… how do I get it from point A to point B….


    Happy Bloggiesta Laurel…. I bring you coffee and a cinnamon roll!


    1. Oh, thanks for the coffee and roll, Sheila…I have only had coffee and yogurt so far!

      I’m not sure that I will learn how to do the plug-ins, because they scare me, too!

      Do you remember how you gave me a tutorial on “clickable images”? I am very grateful!


    1. Thanks, Myragarcesbacsal….I do tend to get obsessed with whatever new project is in front of me…lol

      Thanks for the “like,” and I hope you have fun this weekend. Glad you could stop by.


  2. Great list! I’m participating in the Bloggiesta too. Good luck and have fun 😀

    Erika @ One A Day Y.A / Suddenly Books


  3. Looks like you’ve had a good start with Bloggiesta! This is my first time participating and I already got a few things done with the help of a mini-challenge! I think this might be more fun than I expected!

    Good luck with your blog updates and the challenges you take on.

    I’ll see you in a little while!


  4. Looks like you’ve already got a good start on your list. Hope you have some fun with the mini-challenges.

    Just FYI, in wordpress we can’t add plug-ins unless we are self-hosted. That’s one of the many reasons I want to move to But you can use the text widget that’s built into your template to add all kinds of code.


    1. Ah, I wondered about that, Leslie…the person doing that mini-challenge didn’t mention that little detail.

      Good to know!

      Thanks for stopping by, and yes…I’m just glad I can use the text widgets for a few things I enjoy doing.


    1. Thanks for checking out my site, Michelle…maybe I should add more things to the list…lol

      I still plan to visit more and even do more mini-challenges, but I’ve done more than I expected.


  5. Wow…looks like you’ve had quite a productive weekend Laurel. I am slowly making my way through my list. Now I’m taking a break and visiting everyone to see what they are working on.

    I love all the mini-challenges. I completed a few already and am working on some others. This weekend always ends up being so educational for me!

    Hope you continue to be productive!!!


    1. Thanks, Danielle…I added a couple after I started. I did check out one of the flashback mini-challenges on favicons for Blogger. I uploaded the favicon, but it’s not showing. I saw there were some HTML codes to put in, but couldn’t find it in the layout.

      Blogger baffles me!

      Glad you could stop by.


    1. I did finish my original tasks, but I plan to visit more blogs…and when I do, I might get some additional ideas! Thanks for stopping by, Jacinda…hope you are having fun with yours.

      In fact, I did do some things not on my list…maybe I should put them there. I went to a couple of other sites (in Blogger) and added some pages and made a new blog header for one of them.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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