Curled up for Saturday Reading


Today is a day when I feel like being cozy.  Curling up in my bed (pictured above), when I’m not actually at my computer here, in my office.  Someday, when I get my laptop, I can blog in my bed, too!

My Creation Station

I started one of the downloads on Sparky…yesterday.  I want to finish it today.  One for the Money, by Janet Evanovich, is the first Stephanie Plum book…and soon to be in the movie theaters.

When was the last time I started reading a book on Sparky shortly after downloading it?  Maybe back when I first got my Kindle.

With such a stack of print and e-books to read, usually the newer ones have to wait in a very long queue.  But not this time.

The release of the movie is part of the reason.

Do you have favorite books you’re reading right now?  How do you feel about e-books?

Earlier this week, I read Hot Chocolate, an e-book by Dawn Greenfield Ireland; I’ve reviewed it, but my review won’t be posted until 2/2/12, when the book is on blog tour.  You’ll be able to find it at Chocolate & Mimosas.

What a fun and delicious treat for the senses!  It has chocolate, of course; delicious foods; and a mystery!

So come on by and share your favorite weekend reading…

What books are you curled up with today?


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