When a New Year begins, I like to see it as an opportunity—a blank slate, if you will—that allows us to carve out a different kind of year from the one before.

This is not to negate the accomplishments of previous years, but to stretch and strive to become more…More of who we are.

I’ve already joined some challenges, but one of my first vows to myself this year was to curtail the challenges.  I want to be able to stretch and expand my horizons without burning out.

So here are a few rudimentary resolutions:

1.  Create a bookish journey that shows me more than I’ve already seen in order to expand and stretch into new genres;

2.  Read more books that I simply enjoy, and savor them;

3.  Continue to review books, but feel free to pass when the totals exceed the comfortable pace I like in my reading;

4.  In order to thoroughly enjoy my reading, writing, and blogging, I must also actively pursue a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise;

5.   Live each day fully and with enjoyment!


I could go on and on, adding many to the list.  But I do believe that what I’ve chosen encompasses the kind of life I want to live:  a thoughtful and enjoyable one.

What about the rest of you?  What makes your life full and enjoyable?  What resolutions, if any, have you made?

4 thoughts on “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS — JAN. 2

  1. All good resolutions, especially #5. I haven’t made any official resolutions. I have slacked off on my exercise the last few months and want to get back to the same level so I consider that a “goal”.

    • #5 is my favorite one….and I should say #4, but I sit here at the computer, visiting blogs, writing posts, and rereading one of my WIPs…and I am making excuses to avoid going to the gym…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie. Sometimes it feels good not to make resolutions or plans.

  2. Good resolutions all of them: I’m also shying away from too many promises to myself and/or others. I’d like to keep on reading and blogging and find more time to actually do some serious writing. I definitely agree with only reading (and finishing) the books that I really enjoy. Life is too short and there are so many books to read that it seems a shame to waste time on ones that you don’t like!

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