As they sit on an air mattress in an empty apartment drinking Tequila shots to celebrate their friend’s move to Boston, these best friends remind me of moments—and friendships–in my own life. Friendships I cherished and great times we had.

Throughout Girls in White Dresses, I found several vignettes that I could relate to, even though it has been many years since I was in that age group—twenty to thirty. But I remember it well, and laughed out loud at the dialogue between the characters.

As the chapters flipped from one set of friends to another, I sometimes had to check back to find out just who Lauren or Shannon was…or some of the others. They were not often clearly differentiated from one another in my mind. Probably the one who felt the most clearly defined to me was Isabella.

But throughout the book, themes of friendship, dating, careers, and marriage filled the pages—along with many weddings, showers, and assorted get-togethers. I liked remembering these kinds of events in my own life and laughed or smiled when I could identify with several of the feelings described.

I was interested all the way through, and especially enjoyed the ending. The relationships had not all been resolved, just like in real life. Things were still uncertain and the women were still floundering a little bit. I enjoyed this read, and gave it four stars…mainly because of the character confusion I felt at times.


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