In a way, reading Hot Property: A Novel was a bit like leafing through the pages of tabloid magazines. It definitely offered more than a peek into the glamorous lifestyles of the wealthy New Yorkers, especially those in the market for very expensive property.

The story showcases The Chases, who own a real estate company that caters to those wealthy clients. Elizabeth, the matriarch, is bookended by her lookalike daughters Kate and Isabel (one dark, one blond). And their cute little dogs go with them everywhere.

Sometimes I wanted to turn away, as if I might overdose on the splendor of it all, but I kept turning those pages. Because, despite the glitz and glamor, there were intriguing little morsels tucked away: Teddy Wingo, a man who is up to no good; and a very strange Countess, Delphine, who looks at all kinds of properties, but never seems to buy anything. But always sends Isabel delightful goodies after each showing, thus keeping her appetite whetted.

The descriptions of the property were matched only by the wonderful dining establishments, the clothes, and the shoes. By the time I reached the final page, and finally satisfied my curiosity about Teddy Wingo and Delphine, I was quite ready for it to be over, though. I was especially annoyed by the endless descriptions of characters that looked like one or another movie star. Please! Describe the character, don’t take the lazy way and toss in a movie star lookalike. The first or second or even third time, it was kind of cute. After awhile, not so much.

Nevertheless, because the story was somewhat captivating and there was a bit of a plot, and the writing voices were believable, I’m giving this one four stars.

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