Emily Levine loves shoes. You could almost say she is obsessed with them. So opening a unique shoe store in New York’s West Side could be a satisfactory way to enjoy her love of shoes.

Her marriage to attorney Larry Levine is not technically over, but they’ve been separated since she found him in bed with another woman. So opening the shop is a way to carve out an independent life separate from her husband.

Colorful characters arrive at Emily’s Place to enjoy the special discounts of “Pre-Owned Shoes.” Other unique characters include one of the employees, Merissa, and her niece Fifi.

Author Roz Siegel delivers a fast-paced mystery involving shoes, strange foot fetish snippets at the beginning of each chapter, and a sardonic sense of humor that makes Emily a fascinating first-person narrator for this story.

When women close to Emily start showing up murdered by “shoe,” she has a vested interest in helping Detective Murphy to solve the case. But who is targeting Emily and those close to her, and why? As she and Murphy follow one false lead after another, it almost seems as though the case will turn cold before they find the answers. And what if they don’t find the murderer before he skewers Emily herself with a designer shoe?

Goodie One Shoes had enough quirky twists to keep me turning those pages, and I definitely couldn’t put this one down. I’ve given this story five stars for plot twists, colorful characters, and a fresh and enjoyable narrator’s voice.

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