In this charming tenth book in the Cedar Cove series, we meet several residents of the small Washington town, but the central focus is on the residents of a duplex at 1022 Evergreen Place (Cedar Cove). Mack McAfee resides in one-half of the duplex, while Mary Jo and her baby Noelle live in the other half. Mack is in love with Mary Jo, but they face obstacles, one of which is Noelle’s father.

However, they are drawn together by their mutual friendship, attraction, and their quest to discover the mystery behind a set of old letters from WWII that Mary Jo has found beneath the floor board in the closet. They bond over the story behind the letters and work hard to find the answers.

Many residents are featured in 1022 Evergreen Place (Cedar Cove), including young and old alike. One of the best aspects of this author’s books is how they are populated by a diverse, yet tightly knit group of people who share a love of family and friends. The characters all struggle, in their own ways, to overcome obstacles to love. Sometimes the journey is too difficult, and the characters are left still struggling at the end of the book, which is why the reader can hope to find a happy resolution in the next book in the series.

Some of the characters were featured in previous books, and serve as a supporting cast of characters in this one. The ties that bind them all remind us that friends and family are the greatest treasures in life.

Despite the somewhat predictable plot, there were a few twists that I didn’t see coming. I enjoyed the book, despite the predictability, so I gave it four stars.


  1. I’ve loved this series. Yes, it is predictable or mostly, but it’s just so comfy. A once a year visit with the residents of Cedar Cove. I think this year will see the end of the series and I will miss it!


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