No-nonsense Alice Thrift is a workaholic surgical intern, whose social ineptness places her in vulnerable positions: at work and personally.

But her platonic roommate Leo Frawley has taken her under his wing, and she is beginning to develop a few skills. They have settled into a comfortable routine when, after a consultation with a would-be patient, Alice realizes that the man, Ray Russo, is apparently pursuing her. At first, she seems to resist his attentions, but maybe for someone like Alice, any kind of attention seems wonderful.

At any rate, this widowed chocolate fudge salesman, who seemingly has lots of time on his hands, shows up with just the right kind of attention: little gifts, food, and lots of charming words.

A woman more practiced in social skills might see red flags everywhere, but not Alice. Then, suddenly, after a social event with her friend Leo and a neighbor Sylvie, Alice feels vulnerable and more lonely than usual. And agrees to marry Ray.

What happens over the next few weeks will tell the tale. What do we discover next? And what will those in Alice’s immediate circle conclude when a big post-wedding celebration is underway? Will Alice finally discover what she needs and wants?

Great characterizations and humorous situations set this novel apart from the average “chick lit” tale. The Pursuit of Alice Thrift carries the reader along in a journey toward a greater understanding of the inner strength of a character who seems fragile. Discovering her own strength is Alice’s most notable achievement.

Five stars.


  1. Ooh. This sounds really good. I like “medical” stories and used to read a lot of them, whether they were fiction or a medical professional’s memoir. This sounds pretty intriguing. I’m curious about what Alice is getting herself into. Is this man abusive? But then you mentioned “humorous”, so now I really want to know. This is a nice book to hear about. Thanks Laurel!


  2. I have never read Elinor Lipman. I have always heard she is humorous. I would like the one you reviewed about Alice Thrift. Did she get married to quickly? By the way, I like visiting your blog. It feels so homey, lived in.


    • Thanks, Tea…glad you like visiting my blog. I enjoy creating my blogs, hoping to welcome visitors. I don’t want to say too much about the story, as that might spoil it for you. Perhaps you’ll read it….


  3. I recognize one of the books on your shelf. Am I seeing Black Girl, White Girl by Joyce Carol Oates? I wanted to read that one for the 2010 Joyce Carol Oates Reading Challenge. Didn’t get a a chance to pick up the book. It’s still in the same place on my shelf. Maybe this year I will read it.


    • Mine is still on my shelf, too, and yes, it’s Black Girl, White Girl by JCO. I haven’t noticed if there’s a 2011 Joyce Carol Oates challenge. I have several of her books on my stacks. Thanks again for stopping by, Tea.



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  6. This book looks wonderful and unique. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to partake of a well written humorous tale. Another for my TBR list, I think. Thanks so much for sharing.


    • Yes, I would have to call it “quirky,” I guess. I do enjoy the twists and turns of intriguing characters, especially when there’s humor involved. I’m glad to share, Kimberly. Hope you enjoy your reading this year.


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