Single mom Marta Zinsser and her nine-year-old daughter Eva have moved from Manhattan to a Seattle suburb. Marta’s new advertising agency is one she can run out of her backyard guesthouse, and she hopes that she’ll be able to “have it all”—business, parenthood, and being a supportive daughter to her ailing mother who lives nearby.

What Marta didn’t count on in this new life is that daughter Eva wants to be popular, and she wants her mom to be “normal.” In some ways, Eva has taken on the role of “mother” and tries to prod Marta into belonging. But Marta prefers to wear combat boots, ride her motorcycle, and live by her own rules.

However, Marta finally agrees to sign up to volunteer for school room mother and other activities. But she has to confront, on a regular basis, what she considers the snotty attitude of the “perfect” moms whose role in life is to stay home and focus all of their energy on the parenting game.

When Eva becomes increasingly critical of everything Marta does and blames her for her own problems, Marta is reminded of how she felt when her own “perfect” mother tried to turn her into a debutante. Squeezed between the two generations, Marta is conflicted and stressed.

And then the unexpected happens—she meets a gorgeous hunk of a man named Luke who sweeps her off her feet. But can she give in and trust in what the two of them can build? Or should she run the other way? And should she reassess everything about the way she has perceived her world and her role in it?

Odd Mom Out was compelling on so many levels. The characters were so richly developed that I felt I knew them. When Marta struggled, I felt her pain. When the snooty people played their games, I wanted to smack them. And in the gorgeous Seattle settings, I felt as though I, too, was riding the ferry or gazing at the Space Needle.

I’ve been to Seattle several times and love it there; reading this book swept me back into that world and I was an armchair traveler enjoying the ride.

Five stars was the highest number I could award, but I would give more if I could. I really loved this book.



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