Good morning and welcome to this wonderful meme hosted by Sheila, of Book Journey.

I’m very excited about this past week, as well as the upcoming one.

In the blogging world, I posted an interview on Wednesday with a fascinating paranormal author, Denise Verrico.

Then, today I’ve reviewed a wonderful mystery and posted an interview with the author, Lauren Carr.

Books Read This Week (Click Title for Review):

1)  Beachcombers, by Nancy Thayer

2)  It’s Murder, My Son, by Lauren Carr

3)  Guest House, by Barbara K. Richardson (Review will be up later today)

Books On the List for This Week:

1)  The Position, by Meg Wolitzer

Here’s a titillating tidbit from Amazon:

Wolitzer’s novel of sexual politics and family farce continues in the dark comic vein that she mined in “The Wife.” In the nineteenseventies, at the height of the sexual revolution, a married couple, aptly named Mellow, publish a liberated sex manual that features pictures of themselves and includes a sexual position—”Electric Forgiveness”—that they claim to have invented. The manual becomes an epochal best-seller. The publication, decades later, of a new edition of the notorious classic is a catalyst for a plot that examines the effects of this legacy on the adult children of the Mellows, who are now divorced. These effects are variously hilarious, disabling, painful, embarrassing, and, ultimately, empowering. Wolitzer’s comic timing never wavers, and she has an astute grasp of the way one generation’s liberation inspires the next generation’s pity.

2)  Give Me Your Heart, by Joyce Carol Oates (Short Story Collection)

A blurb from Amazon:

The need for love—obsessive, self-destructive, unpredictable—takes us to forbidden places, as in the chilling world of Give Me Your Heart, a new collection of stories by the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates.

3)  Fly Away Home, by Jennifer Weiner

A snippet:

“Unflappably fun… Hilarious… In Jennifer Weiner’s luscious new novel, Fly Away Home, a political wife’s predicament is the catalyst for a highly entertaining story… The message is choosing to live an authentic life. As always, Weiner gives us a woman who stands taller, curvier, and happier when she does just that.” —USA Today

“This is summer reading at its best: entertaining and full of insight into relationships and how they change” — People (3.5 out of 4 stars)

“Fresh, nuanced… Weiner wryly and sensitively shows the trade-offs we all make to maintain our relationships.” —Parade

I’m very excited about the upcoming week, with these delightful books awaiting me.  And I’ve really enjoyed this past week, too.

Hope you’ll stop by and share your own plans for the week.


  1. I was so disappointed in Jennifer Weiner’s Good in Bed, I haven’t been able to bring myself to read anything else by here. For a while, I even resisted see that movie they made of her shoe novel. Most people like her work, and I keep see this new one everywhere. Maybe I should try her again. Either way, I can’t wait to hear what you think.


  2. Give Me your Heart by Joyce Caro Oates, sounds great! I am not usually a short story reader, But this sounds like something I could read!
    Happy Reading!
    Hugs, Bethxx


  3. Hi Laurel-Rain,

    So not fair! I’ve just visited and added two more books to my Goodreads TBR list.

    Gary and I couldn’t help but notice ‘The Position’. We HAVE to read it… it almost reminds me of Zoolander (Blue Steel) gone wrong.

    I’m sure it’s nothing like that at all, but I’ve just added it to the list along with ‘Fly Away Home’.


    1. Amanda, I’ve had The Position for a really long while on my HUGE TBR stacks; some of these books have been on my stacks for more than three years! I know this because when I moved three years ago, I had a separate box for them, so they wouldn’t get mixed in with the other books. A few months ago, I “organized” them by listing them on a computer document.


  4. P.S. How are you finding WordPress so far?

    It’s sooooo much easier to leave a comment on this blog 🙂 with WordPress.

    The only bad thing is that they won’t let you add certain things to the site (unless you go self-hosted).


    1. Oh, I love it…except for those things you cannot add, which is why I’ll keep some Blogger ones. I’ve decided Word Press is the way to go if there will be a lot of comments…I hate the commenting system at Blogger!

      How do you do a self-hosted blog?


  5. Have you read any Joyce Carol Oates before? I tried to read Blonde but had such a hard time getting into it I had to stop (although I have to read quite a bit of her works on the 1001 Challenge).


    1. I loved Blonde, but by the time I got to that one, I’d read several of her books already. They take some getting used to. Sometimes it’s hard to follow her, so I REALLY have to be in the mood to delve in. But in the end, I think it’s worth it.

      You might like We Were the Mulvaneys.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lydia.


  6. Love Jennifer Weiner! I am currently reading:

    A Dangerous Man by Janmarie Anello

    The Delivery Man: A Novel by Joe McGinniss Jr.

    The Immortal Highlander (Highlander, #6) by Karen Marie Moning

    The last is an audio book.


  7. Wonderful books. I had to laugh at the position, ”Electric Forgiveness????” I love the JCO book. I’m in an Oates challenge. I hope to get to it. The Wolitzer does sound a little complicated for my little brain. Probably, I could blast through the part of “Electric Forgiveness.” Have a good one.



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