Ginger Walsh is the forty-something single sister living in her parents’ garage apartment, while Geri is the married one, almost fifty, with three children. Ginger babysits for her sister’s kids while trying to figure out how to create intriguing things from sea glass. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend Noah seems to be a true commitment phobe, but she herself is not completely sure that she wants a long term relationship. Except, perhaps, with her cat named Boyfriend.

Then suddenly something happens that will turn all their lives in a different direction. A casting call goes out for local kids to star in a movie featuring a shark that’s hovering near shore in this Massachusetts town. Ginger takes her nieces and nephew, and nephew Riley is chosen.

Making a movie, hanging out with the gaffer, and playing around with her sea glass becomes a time of sorting out what Ginger really wants in her life. And throwing a birthday party for her sister grants the two of them an opportunity to work on a project together that could actually turn into a new business. And it might solve a few other problems, like how to keep the family home in the family, while allowing mom and dad the chance to get that condo.

Thoroughly engaging, Life’s a Beach was a quick, light read that also revealed those sibling issues that crop up in books and in life.

Four stars for this one. It was a bit predictable, but also had a unique flair to it.

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