In this fifteenth Stephanie Plum adventure, we follow her in her job for a bail bondsman, but typically, her adventures carry her off onto divergent pathways as she inadvertently gets mixed up in a murder case. A gruesome decapitation, no less! And one of her coworkers is a witness, which also puts her at risk.

Stephanie also is trying to figure out who is breaking into the homes with Rangeman security systems—a part time gig that lands her in another batch of trouble—while trying to escape the various fire bombs that always seem to be going off around her. Not to mention the paint bombs.

Yes, just as in previous books, Stephanie Plum seems to be a disaster waiting to happen everywhere she goes.

I love the way this character is so down-to-earth and real, almost as if she’s part of our neighborhood or our family. She is a flawed, yet courageous soul who loves her life, even when it’s falling down around her.

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen (Stephanie Plum Novels) is my second book by this author, and hence satisfies one of my reading challenge tasks. But I’m not stopping with this one…I want to go back to the beginning of this series and read them all…which is why I’m awarding five stars to this book.


  1. Ah – here I thought you were way ahead at book 15! I am still on book four. They are enjoyable now and then but I don’t think I could read them one after another.


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