This book is a fictional chronicle of one family’s struggle—to discover what is causing son Edward’s strange withdrawal that began at the age of four, and what, if anything, can be done to correct/cure his problems.

Throughout the story, narrated in the first person by the mother, Rachel, we peek into their world, from their courtship and unusual beginnings as a couple, followed by their almost perfect life as a young family until one day when their world turned upside down.

We accompany them to doctor’s visits; we see them through the eyes of strangers who look askance at them and at their son; we share a bit of their loneliness and isolation as their world becomes increasingly smaller, until finally, there is nothing left except the day-to-day coping.

Interspersed with this narrative are the chapters that flash back to the past and to various family members, some of whom also exhibited “odd” behaviors.

In their search for answers, they even peruse old letters between an Uncle Mickey and his sister, always hoping to find a clue.

How one family’s focus on one child’s troubles and elusive diagnosis completely shapes and alters their lives forever is the ultimate story here.

Longing for solutions and answers, I kept plodding along, fascinated by this family’s persistence and courage—and then at the end, I was surprised by the inevitable conclusion.

A Wild Ride Up the Cupboards: A Novel is an unforgettable story that gives new meaning to the word “cope.” Five stars.

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