A young woman, Cilla McGowan, former child actress, whose mother is a star and whose grandmother was a legendary star, returns to her deceased grandmother’s farmhouse in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia—dubbed Little Farm by its original owner. She has big plans. Not only will she be renovating the home, restoring it to its former glory, but she will bring her own special vision to this house that will, finally, be home for her.

After her child star days, Cilla found her own niche rehabbing and flipping houses. Her renovations of Little Farm will be the first time she’ll be keeping what she renovates.

But she has barely launched her project when several unexpected things happen. First, she meets her drop-dead-gorgeous neighbor, Ford Sawyer, who writes and illustrates his own graphic novels. Then she discovers a box of secret unsigned letters to her grandmother, Janet Hardy, from a married lover. Next, an unpleasant and frightening series of events, from vandalism to outright threats, begins to cast a troubling pall over her dreams and her vision.

As we follow Cilla’s progress in her rehab, we begin to search for clues as to who is frightening Cilla. When one of the enemies is identified and taken into custody, the frightening events continue, suggesting an additional perpetrator. As Ford and Cilla search for answers, the reader begins to piece together a few tidbits that just might lead to the identity of the vengeful one.

What is the significance of a lipstick pink couch with white satin pillows? And what unlikely person, close to Cilla and Ford, could have the most to gain by attacking her?

Tribute is a wonderful blend of romance, family legends, mystery, and lots of house rehabbing details. I loved this book and would like to read a sequel. Five stars at least!

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