A mother and a daughter with conflicts and a huge rift between them; two seemingly ordinary brothers; a young married couple fighting against their individual sexual identity issues; two former child stars—these make up the “cast” of a reality show in the making. A process of discovering objects, based on clues, motivates the characters as they travel through exotic locations in search of these objects. Lost and Found: A Novel is also about finding themselves.

Especially for Laura and Cassie, the mother and daughter, who were shocked a few months before when Cassie, age 17, gave birth in her attic bedroom one night, without her mother (or anyone else) even knowing she was pregnant. This huge rift defines these two as they struggle with the other contestants in this journey.

The author alternates character voices with each chapter, dedicating that character’s segment to his/her own issues, fears, hopes, and dreams. And each of the characters pushes forward in the “scavenger” hunt, as the ultimate prize is a million dollars.

But what each of them finds along the way will ultimately reshape their lives in unexpected ways. And in one shockingly unexpected twist, one character will find that sometimes being true to oneself is more important than anything else.

An intriguing journey, this story is memorable, uplifting, and in the end, the monetary reward is almost irrelevant.
Another five star book!



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