A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY — A Review of “The Next Thing on My List”

A young woman gives another woman a lift—they’ve just met at a Weight Watchers meeting—and tragically, there is an accident and the passenger is killed.

This is how June Parker, an employee at a ridesharing company, finds a list belonging to Marissa Jones, her deceased passenger…in the personal effects afterwards. It is a list of twenty-five things Marissa wanted to do before her twenty-fifth birthday (she was twenty-four when she died). Two things are already crossed off. And to assuage her guilt and to possibly change the course of her own life, June decides to complete Marissa’s list. June’s own obituary, she decides, would say something like this: June Parker, on-and-off-again girlfriend, midlevel employee, and lifelong underachiever, died waiting for something to happen…

Following June’s journey through Marissa’s list is funny, exciting, suspenseful, and eventually…well, telling too much would spoil the fun. Anyone anywhere who has ever felt like nothing important has ever happened to them will totally relate to June’s task. And will root for her along the way, even while hoping that finally she will find whatever it is she is looking for.

The Next Thing on My List: A Novel was a quick read that I could not put down, so of course I’m giving it five stars.


4 thoughts on “A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY — A Review of “The Next Thing on My List”

    • Thanks for visiting, Vivienne…Yes, it did start out that way, but there was lots of humor in the journey…and yes, I’m sure we all have some kind of list, even if it’s just in our heads…


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