IN PURSUIT OF THE BIG BAD WOLF — A Review of “The Big Bad Wolf”

When Alex Cross first joins up with the FBI, he is assigned to a big case. One involving the kidnapping of men and women in broad daylight–who then disappear completely. The victims are being bought and sold, and the shadowy figure behind it all is a Russian predator dubbed The Wolf.

Every time the agents have a lead, they are stymied. They find and arrest several participants in this ring, but everywhere they turn, The Wolf eludes them. Each time they think they have finally identified him, they come up short.

Meanwhile, Alex’s family life is taking a hit, too. His youngest son, Alex, given up by the mother, Christine Johnson, in his infancy, is now the subject of a new custody battle. It seems that Christine is pulling out all the stops and stating that Alex Cross is a lightning rod for danger, which puts his son at risk.

This is a very exciting tale, between the FBI pursuits, bureaucratic hijinks, and various near misses…while on the periphery, the shadow of the custody battle looms.

Until the very last page, I wasn’t sure how this would end up, but I knew I had to keep reading. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this particular Alex Cross adventure,The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross), it wasn’t one of the best. Therefore, the four star rating.


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