CHERISHING THE MOMENTS — A Review of “Evenings at Five”

An author and a composer have a daily ritual. Every evening at five o’clock, they begin with Happy Hour; they then share their love of language and music along with their cocktails. This tradition is so much a part of their lives that it’s only natural that its absence would leave a huge hole in the author’s heart when her companion dies.

Author Gail Godwin had similar experiences, and has commemorated these traditions and moments by fictionalizing an account, which she has added to a series of additional short stories about her alter-ego Christina.

In these stories, we meet Christina at various crossroads in her life, and woven in with these “flashback” type portrayals are more moments between “Christina and Rudy.”

A provocative read, Evenings at Five: A Novel and Five New Stories (Ballantine Reader’s Circle) is a reminder that we must cherish our moments with our loved ones, because when they are gone, the memories of those moments could sustain us.

I deducted one star, as sometimes the story’s back and forth movements was confusing, and I had to stop a moment to figure out where the characters were—the past or the present.

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