WHEN WALLS CAN TALK — A Review of “The House on Tradd Street”

When realtor Melanie Middleton visits an elderly man to list his house on the market, she learns some strangely disconcerting news. First, her grandfather and the old man were close friends; and secondly, the old man’s mother left him at a very young age, just as Melanie’s own mother had done. Then when her client, Nevin Vanderhorst, dies within days of her visit, she is further surprised that he has left his property to her. The house on Tradd Street becomes hers—all she has to do is live in it for one year. Money for restoration is included in her legacy.

But Melanie knows that ghostly visitors will be joining her, because she has this “gift” of seeing spirits, a gift she’s had since childhood. In fact, she saw some of them lurking about during her visit. So she is not looking forward to her tenancy in this new property.

Not to mention the fact that the house is literally falling down around her.

Melanie and her friends, who are assisting in the renovations, are soon caught up in a rollicking suspense tale, as the ghosts attempt to communicate some secrets that are hidden in the house—secrets that have been there for many generations. Melanie and a writer friend Jack Trenholm work together to uncover the mysteries, and in the process, they become close.

Are the ways in which Melanie’s family and the Vanderhorsts connected a coincidence, or is there a hidden meaning to it all? Will she finally discover why her own mother “abandoned” her at the age of seven? And what will she learn about the mysterious disappearance of Nevin Vanderhorst’s mother?

This suspenseful and dramatic tale,The House on Tradd Street, kept me enthralled until the last page, earning five stars from me.


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